Yang Gong Burma

Myanmar Yang Gong

Kyeezees, also known as Burma Bells, has a complex and profound history. Whoever filled Liu's place was a Chinese bannerman, Yang. Material: MIAO YANG GONG YI: Myanmar Gong Cha (Myanmar Plaza Branch). People at Gong Cha say they have no change and seriously give nothing back to the customer.

Shan of Burma: Memories of a Shan Exile - Chao Tzang Yawnghwe

The Fulbright Fellowship was given to one of the most prominent Principal Educational Officers of the Shan State of Sao Sai Mong Mangrai to explore and create the "History of the Tais (Shans)" in two years, Professor Luce (History) came to receive counsel and tutorial. São Sai Mong spends most of his free stay in the United States and Great Britain to author his volume "Annexion of Shan States by the British".

Sai Aung Tun (lecturer at the University of Rangon and academic) many years later written the Tais tale, one of the best studied works on the origins of Tais. The Shan state policies are not an easy one. Easter Shans have more cultural ties to the Thais, as do those on the China side of the neighboring people.

Of mulberry leaves up to silk rolls: A new approach to Asian research.....

Whereas in the last three centuries there have been a great many historic, philosophical and arthistorical research on Asian (Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Taoist and similar) anthropological and artistic anthropological aspects of Asian manuscriptwriting, the research of the physical cultures has remained a relatively unresearched area. Every paper explores the way in which handmade text - from old to early contemporary Thai, Pali, Mandarin, Sanskrit, Chinese, Middle Asian and Arabian script tradition - both meanings and interpretations, and to a greater degree, influence the social standards that determine its use.

More about our Burma Gongs:

More about our Burma Gongs: Burmese nipples or temple bells are very different from China's Tam-Tam/Chao or Wind bells. In contrast to other bells, Burma nipples create an almost consistent tone, no difference how often and how hard or how smooth you are.

Of course, that makes sense, as if you (hopefully never) hit your gong with a gong stick and not with a suitable gong stick that makes a terrible tone and would very probably be destroyed. This is why Burma chimes are ideal for tonal massages and therapies, as they have a steady, quantifiable vibration which can be in the region of a general harmony.

Burmese gong can be installed inside, in the home, in the balcony or outside on decks, terraces or in the backyard. We have our own big Burma gong hanging behind our home and the full tone echoed across the meadows and into the forest. The gong in the building will captivate your visitors and give them a lot of joy.

If it gets frantic and stressful, do a gong. If you want to relax and enjoy yourself, and if you want to practice meditation, go on. In our conducted soundmeditations, we often use Burma nipples in combination with Tibeto cups to fill the room with heavenly sounds and open the whole self for healthy vibrations.

Since we only choose the chimes with Universal Harmonic, all our chimes are useful for working professionally as well as for seeing and hearing. It' s very hard to find the bigger chimes of this type and we were lucky enough to find the extraordinary chimes that we now have in our store.

Upon demand we also create and construct individual gong racks made of wood.

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