YesMethin is a town in Central Myanmar in the district of Yamethin, Mandalay region. Jamethin, city, central-northern Myanmar (Burma), which takes a climax in the central plain. The Yamethin is located in Myanmar (Yamethin District, Mandalay) and the time zone Asia/Rangoon. Includes Yamethin (district, Myanmar) with population statistics, maps, map and location. And Yamethin is a town in Mandalay, Myanmar.


YesMethin is a city located in Yamethin district in the Mandalay region of C..... The Yamethin offers a supermarket and process for the domestic agricultural produce of raw materials such as raw materials, raw materials, raw materials, rice and coffee as well as a small textiles factory and serves as a railway dispatch point on the Rangoon (Yangon) - Mandalay line: This Mandalay region is an ale.

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The Yamethin Voivodeship is a Yamethin District in the Mandalay region of Burma (Myanmar). Jamethin, which is also the most important train station in the townships, is the capital and town. Of the many congregations in Yamethin Township: President is inspecting excavation work on Lake Kyee-Ni in the Yamethin Township. www.president-office.gov.mm/en/.

That Mandalay region site item is a stump.

Where' s Jamethin, Myanmar? Jamethin, Mandalay Map

And Yamethin is a town in Mandalay, Myanmar. Its altitude is 20.43 degrees of latitude and 96.14 degrees of longitude and 203 metres above seagr. With 59,867 inhabitants, Yamethin is the eighth largest town in Mandalay. He works on the BURT timezone, i.e. he follows the same timezone as Mandalay.

The Yamethin mining people are protesting in Yangon

Approximately 35 persons from the restless Moehti Moemi goldmining area of the Yamethin community protest outside the Myanmar National Prosperity Public Corporation in Yangon last weekend, one of the demonstrators said. On 29 October from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, the group held a demonstration in front of the University Avenue offices, said Ko Youte Kyi, about the company's behavior since it took over a tenancy agreement in the area.

But no one from the corporation came out to see us or to say anything about it. We went back to Yamethin at 5pm that same night after we protested," Ko Youte Kyi said. Said the protests took place in Yangon because the group had twice been denied the right to detain him in Yamethin, in the Mandalay South.

On 29 October they were granted a permit from Kamaryut Township Police Station, said Daw Myint Myint Khine, who also participated in the outcry. The organizers said that about 1000 Moehti Moemi employees would come to Yangon for the protests, but due to economic problems only a few could make it.

"is because the firm did not negotiate in good faith. That' s why we're here. On 20 August they discussed this topic with the Minister of Mandalay[for Forestry and Mining] U Than Soe Myint. In October, the arable land investigation commission came and renegotiated with the group. This organization commissioned the enterprise to pay a fee.

But it was persistent and did nothing," said Daw Myint Myint Khine. However, spokesman Daw Na Di Lwin said to the Myanmar Times that the demonstrators who came to Yangon simply did not want to work and were "rebellious". The Moehti Moemi employees submitted their applications to the Kamaryut Township Police Station to stage another demonstration outside the company's offices from November 3 to 7, Daw Myint Myint Khine said.

At the end of 2011, Myanmar National Prosperity won a bidding to mine in the region. However, in June, miners from the hundred small Moehti Moemi mine sites began to protest after the firm reportedly broke an early oral settlement to divide all the bullion found in the 50-50 area, The Irrawaddy said on the 8th.

Chiang Mai-based intelligence agency reports that Myanmar National Prosperity made promises to small mine owners and individuals in December 2011 to mine coal from the area for the term of its five-year deal with the state. As the protesters could not come to an understanding with the enterprise, they began to march on Nay Pyi Taw.

It then surrendered and approved to allow small scale producers to allow dismantling at Moehti Moemi for another year, the Burmese government announced on June 15.

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