Yakushiji Temple

Temple of Yakushiji

The Yakushiji Temple in Nara is a temple dedicated to healing and built by Empress Jito. Yakushiji Temple, Nara Travel The Yakushiji (???) was built by Tenmu in the latter part of the seventh centuary to rescue the Emperor's ill woman.

Yakushiji, one of Japan's oldest monasteries, is designed in strict symmetry, the auditorium and the auditorium stand on a centre line surrounded by two couches. Reconstructed in the 70s after destruction by fire, the Great Hall is home to a Yakushi trio, a true example of the masterpieces of Japanese Buddhism.

It is the only building in the temple to have been preserved from the many burns that have ravaged the temple over the years, dating back to 730. Genjo Santoin Garan is a newly developed facility just south of the major facility. Completed in 1981, the building is devoted to the ancient Greek friar Genjo-sanzo, who was living in the seventh cent. and is known for his long journeys to India and Central Asia.

The Yakushiji is the temple of the Hosso sect of Japanese Buddhism, over which Genjo-sanzo's doctrines had a deep impact. Garan Genjo-sanzoin's headquarters is a large eight-sided room in which some of the remnants of Genjo-sanzo are kept. Beyond the eight-sided arena is a work by Hirayama Ikuo, one of Japan's most famous artists, who died in 2009.

This temple is situated next to Nishinokyo Station, which can be accessed from Kintetsu Nara Station by Kintetsu Nara Line to Yamato-Saidaiji Station and on to Kintetsu Kashihara Line. It will take about 25 min. and cost 260 cents. Bus lines 70, 72 and 97 offer three services per hours between the temple, JR Nara Station (15 min, 260 yen) and Kintetsu Nara Station (20 min, 260 yen).

Nearest busses 70 and 72 stop at Yakushiji (???) from Nara city centre and Nishinokyoeki (????) when they return to Nara. Yakushiji Chushajo is the nearest stop by the 97 line (??????). Situated in the centre of Kofukuji temple.

Frequent commercial motel half way between JR Nara Station and Nara Park. This is one of the oldest west facing Japanese design properties, situated next to Nara Park.

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