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Find alternatives, similar and related products to Yahoo news that everyone is talking about. Newest tweets from Yahoo News Digest (@summly). The Yahoo kills the Yahoo News Digest App. Yahoo News Digest. Yahoo News Digest.

Nick D'Aloisio's News Digest application has been powered down by Yahoo.

After being launched less than three years ago, Yahoo plans to turn off its News Digest application at the end of June. Yahoo said in a News Digest Addendum:: "We' re not going to make any new Digests as of June 30, 2017. News Digest was released in January 2014 and is built on the UK techs businessman Nick D'Aloisio's proprietary news story collection system, which brought together tales from various publishers in a unique heel.

He allegedly made a $30 million (£23.5 million) payment for D'Aloisios ap, initially named Summly, and gave him a contract work. D'Aloisio was only 17 years old at the school. After that, he assisted Yahoo transform Summly into News Digest - a more sophisticated tool (complete with Yahoo branding) that could pass it on to its people.

The Yahoo was acquired by Verizon on June 13 in a $4.5 billion (£3.6 billion) transaction. That' s why News Digest is one of the first edits Verizon made at Yahoo. According to Annie application, a tracking application downloading service, News Digest has been downloading 9.5 million of them. The application enabled iPhone and iPod Touch subscribers to get twice daily messages tailored to their location in the world: once in the mornings and once in the evenings.

D'Aloisio described the application when it was launched: "The digests offer a definite overview of all the important news so that you are always up to date. "Nuclear entities are not all text and contain cards, info graphics, ticker, Wikipedia excerpts, video, photographs, quotes and more. Digest itself is algorithmic in production, but editorialally edited and shows the ideal mixture of technique and journalism".

D'Aloisioleft Yahoo two years after the sale of his news aggregations application to the Silicon Valley giants to concentrate on his computer sciences and philosophical degree at Oxford University. D'Aloisio's LinkedIn career record shows that he worked at Yahoo from April 2013 to October 2015. During his time at Yahoo, D'Aloisio worked as a production executive and now assisted former Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer in the introduction of News Digest, which was supported by summary algorithm.

In June 2014, the application won an Apple Design Award. Talking to Techworld in May 2014, D'Aloisio said: l could be at Yahoo..... The Yahoo share price.

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