Yadanar Phyu Phyu Aung Hot Photo

Phyu Phyu Aung Yadanar Hot Photo

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Yadanar Phyu Phyu Aung with Rakhine costume | National costume

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Places of interest

The Nyaung Shwe is in southern Shan State near the beautiful Inle Lake. The Inle Lake is in Nyaung Shwe municipality. In order to see Nyaung Shwe you have to take a plane from Yangon to Heho and then go by road or coach. Alternatively you can take the coach from Yangon to Taunggyi then via Shwe Nyaung to Nyaung Shwe.

They can also go to Shwe Yan Pyay Monastery On Shwe Nyaung - Nyaung Shwe Street. By Shwe Nyaung. It will take 30 min to Nyaung Shwe. Then you can take the Nyaung Shwe motor boat to Inlay Lake. In Nyaung Shwe there are many interesting places that you can see in a while.

It' on the Nyaung Shwe King's ship's itinerary. Shuan State ( "South") as one of the 84000 Peagodas of King Thiri Dhamma Thawka. In Sakarit it was restored in 721 by the Saopha of Hsiseng when he made it. Sao Maung in the current name of Yadana Man Aung.

There is Yadana Man Aung picture with real relicts, dedicated with much golden in the eastern Lokawidhu Yadana Qushaung picture in the souther. Buddha picture with one handed up and one handed down, accompanied by eight arahanas in the northern part.

Admission - US$ 2,- Shwe Yaung Gwe Monastery. with large window. Taiunggyi is the Shan state' s capitol. It is also about 500 kilometres northern of Yangon and about 10 kilometres south-east of Mandalay. Shan State's capitol lies on a high plain amidst high hills.

It' s located on a high plain, encircled by high hills. Taunggyi is located on a hilly landscape, the healthy alpine climate in particular promotes wellbeing. Normally it is raining in Taunggyi from June to November and the mean amount of rain per year is 32. In order to get to Taunggyi, you first have to go to Heho about 40 kilometres to the west because the city itself has no-airport.

You can reach Taunggyi by car by train or by plane from all over the world. It is 456 kilometers from Yangon to Taunggyi and can be accessed directly by highway. Taunggyi is full of curves and zigzag and looks like a serpent seen from above.

On this street you have a good look at the surroundings. When you arrive in Taunggyi, you can first see the beautiful Sao Sam Htun Hospital and then the Taunggyi Department Store the very first. The Shan State Museum of Culture. The Taunggyi Degree College. the course and the apartment blocks.

Taunggyi's liveliest part is the Myoma Market, a place where local residents buy and buy their local produce only once every five nights. This is also the meeting place for different breeds living in Taunggyi. Taunggyi is also home to the Museum of Culture, where you can see artefacts of culture, music, folk costumes, domestic and agricultural tools, painting, sculpture and handicrafts of the various breeds that live in Shan State.

Hawnans " (palatial residences) also exist, where the Shan Sawbwas (Shan Chieftains), who used to be living, can be seen. At Taunggyi, the Shan state capitol, locals are celebrating the Tazaungdine feast with Kahtein (offering of monks' robes) and the release of fireballs to heaven.

Taunggyi is the largest Taunggyi festivals in the state. Not only Taunggyi citizens visit it, but also those from the South Shan state and many different nationalities.

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