Ya Htaik Hotel Lashio

Hotel Ya Htaik Lashio

It' the only place in Lashio where you can find a cheap bed. Hotel Ya Htaik in Lashio City, northern Shan State. Booking / access to Ya Htike Hotel Lashio is included. Have a look at the photo gallery of the hotel and the reviews of real guests. The Ya Htike Hotel is located in Lashio and has restaurants and free WiFi.

Overburdened and filthy! - Judgment of Ya Htaik Hotel, Lashio, Myanmar

Arriving at Lashio train terminal well into the morning. This hotel was the least expensive place we found after research on the web and planets. There were a great many troubles in the room, it was filthy on the ground, there was fur on the sheet. and there were some power issues (plugs didn't work and the lights didn't go out, yes!

I had a boyfriend who wanted to buy in Kyoto, but the money was taken out by the banker at a weird currency parity. 1,050kyats instead of 1,000 kyats per U.S. Dollars, that was Lashio and they had a different currency parity than the remainder of Myanmar. All that was good about this hotel was an above-average service.

Hotel Ya Htike in Lashio, Myanmar from

The Ya Htike Hotel is located at Bo Gyoke Road Quarter 2 in Lashio, just 1.1km from the city-center. Facilities include: a la modeled a la cart dining room, 24/7 front office, web service, car park. Accomodation and facilities can only be paid in bar.

There are 3 rooms available for our hotel visitors. Accomodation is offered with the following room categories: doubleroom, doble room/double room. You can use amenities such as a writing table, coat racks, free toiletry and a/c.

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