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videotape: Myanmar's all-girl band Me N Ma Ladies

M@N Ma is a group of Myanmar (Burma) women. With their colourful periwigs and dancing melodies, the young women create pictures of the Spice Gal and other popular vocalists like Britney Spears. It also helps to reduce culture barriers in a land where there has been a censor.

There are some ways in which the members of the Me N Ma Women actually look like other women in the world: they like Britney and Shakira, they have worried families when they are away for a long time, they study "important" things like computer sciences and Georgian in a university, but they are dreaming of being popular heroes.

Then, there are some ways that the experience of the five members of the group appears very specific to Burma. "We' re the first group that can use colourful wigs," says Htike Htike, one of the Me N Ma girls. Burma's censors, which must authorize all texts, soundtracks, videotapes and artworks for each of the albums made in the state, gave them permission to use colourful periwigs in a film.

Hastike Htike says it doesn't seem like a big thing in the US, but the group was quite excited. This was a fairly gradual step for the executive committee, which until recently had prevented groups from using coloured periwigs or dyeing their hairdos and called such things "against Burma culture".

University of Dayton, Ohio, lecturer and writer of a Burmese popular culture books, Heather MacLachlan says conservationism does not only mirror the view of tenacious Apparatschik. Myanmar is still a place where dates are not really okay if you are a friendly middle-class or boy," says MacLachlan.

Htike Htike herself - although she is in a group that goes beyond Burma's culture - is not entirely enthusiastic about the notion that any kind of censure ends immediately. "I' m a little concerned, because there's no such thing as a teenage girl without censor. Therefore, if there were no censors, the young people would mix with the outside culture," she says.

This group is the idea of Nikki May, an Aussie dancewoman, whose first experiences in Burma were made as volunteers in the orphanage there. Two years ago, she set her mind on founding a girls' group based on the Spice Girls and published an ad for an audition.

Me N Ma Galls and Nikki May have written the 12 tracks on their new record together. The Me N Ma girl see themselves once again as normal women.

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