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x. x. We have a zero tolerance policy against illegal pornography. You can add this video to your website by copying the following code. To see the latest videos, follow us on twitterFollow @EconomicTimes. The Rohingya begins its return to Myanmar under a new contract.

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The International Organization for Migration

Made in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population of the Government of Myanmar, the Make Migration Work video sequence is in line with the country's effort to improve migrants' accessibility to information on employment offices and migrant resource centres, also featured in the film. Eight Make Migration Work video clips comprise four narratives, each from two different angles.

Each video is in Burmese, with a runtime of less than four-minute. This page contains a user-friendly chats feature that takes the user through a range of migration-related issues and provides the information they need. 3 ] Human traffic from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar to Thailand (2017), pp. 103-105.

4 ] UNODC, Human Traffic to Thailand from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar (2017), p. 108. 6 ] UNODC, Human Trade from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar to Thailand (2017), p. 137.

Security migration: The IOM X Myanmar campaign launched videos on safe migration

The International Organization for migration IOM X Myanmar Campaign published on Monday in Nay Pyi Taw video clips of the Make migration work project. The filming of the reasons for the immigration, the transfer administration, information about employment agencies and the provision of a centre for them. These video will show how legitimate migrations help, and it is only a secure migrations with the right information and how hard it is to perform illegal migrations.

In this way, peasants from the countryside are learning about security immigration. We have 8 video clips showing 4 different migrants. The aim is to encourage secure immigration and increase consciousness of the risks of smuggling humans.

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