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Is no downloaded photo able to create any size? View photos, profile pictures and albums of x. Check out her blog for more incredible travel photos! The Workshop Co. x.

Photo trips to Indonesia, Myanmar and China.

Recent photos in Myanmar

At the beginning of this monthly I was for ten Gavriel Jecan in Myanmar. We had the great time to visit the gravelly Yangon market, the Bagan temple and the quiet Inle Lake area. It was a great opportunity to take pictures of today's renowned fishers. Beautiful pictures! Particularly I like the pictures of the fisherman's pantograph.

I' d like to go on your next journey at the end of November/beginning of December or beginning of January! Loving the colour, loving the combination! I wish you a nice vacation and a prosperous and prosperous new year!

Photo e-visa request - Myanmar Message Board

On the website you should be able to get the photo 4.8cm x 3.8cm. Can' t create a photo of any file name? We' ve got some prints in this format. Simply take pictures of yourself and resize them to the desired size....and yes, take them like a regular mugshot.

We' ve changed the size of the photo passports - try your pictures on the app - ours were initially declined as too big....so I just kept making changes until they were approved. The photo can be placed in the room until you have taken it correctly without sending in the job for it. This also shows the types of photographs that are not satisfactory.

Unexplained E VISA - Photo request - Myanmar Message Board

I just visited the offical e-Visa website & have issues. I' ll come to the photo supplies: Probably I can just take a'Selfie' and put it in my picture album? The" official" website of EVIS allows you to place your photo in the photo holder and then follows the instructions to make it work.

Like t151 just says - you have to allow the pop-ups to open the "resizing link" and the paypal. They can only allow pop-ups for the website. That'?s a big comfort with the photo.

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