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Humanitarian Preparation and Response Program Analyst, Yangon, Myanmar Country Office, NOB. The Yangon air traffic control system landed an overcrowded aircraft on an occupied runway. Mingaladon Cargo Services Yangon International Airport, Mingalardon Township, Yangon, Myanmar. The Bakehouse was founded to meet an identified need: to strengthen women in the larger economic and social communities of Myanmar. You will find great hotels, bars and restaurants in Yangon, Myanmar.

Chen Myae Guest House in Yangon, Myanmar

There is a large, breezy dormitory in Chan Myaye, one with twin beds. There are also rooms for rent; singlerooms with or without bath, double rooms with or without bath and rooms for families with bath. We' ve got safe-deposit boxes for your belongings and we can keep some of your belongings while you travel around the world.

Chen Myaye is a favourite with travelers. A lot of our visitors have been to Myanmar more than once or twice. They are very kind and funny. They are impeccably tidy and the personnel are very kind and helpful. It is located in a great position, all important city centre attractions are within easy walk and there is good local transportation to the main railway stops and coaches.

Our employees are nice and very supportive, they will help you with your pockets, organize the transportation etc. Situated in a quiet, secluded setting, the youth house is not the right place to be if you are looking for a backpackers' environment, but it is clear and comfortable, has good air conditioning and warm waters, and the setting is ideal for all the top Yangon tourist destinations.

Room was clear. They were very courteous and supportive and it is only a 10 minutes walking distance from the railwayhof. It was a great place and the personnel, but I found it a little busy on the eighth district. They made the journey very comfortable, only the place needs some work.

If the room or cot is available, you can book it directly. When not free, please stay in the foyer until the room or cot is finished or until check-in. You can keep your purse if you don't want to waiting and even return for a check-in.

The latest check-in time: any day. Arriving early, you can drop off your luggage and get out for breakfasts before checking in or resting in our foyer. Everybody is welcome at Chan Myaye, but some may want to consider that the guest house, like most in Yangon, is distributed over several levels with staircases.

They can unregister at any age.

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