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The bread factory of Myanmar Mayson Co Ltd in Yangon has gone on strike. Yangon, Myanmar hostels offer good availability and low prices. Receive the weather forecast for Yangon. The Yangon Hotel, a luxurious business and leisure hotel, is majestically situated on a beautifully landscaped garden with panoramic views of Yangon City. Explore the charm, style and amenities of this modern Yangon residence hotel located near the airport.

The Myanmar Times

Public sector workers are running a program to create a nationwide register of cancers on the basis of the local populations and..... Civic groups on Tuesday called on the United Nations Convention against Torture to be signed as soon as..... An NGO said on Tuesday that it would be tapping into school children in an on-going ad campaigns.....

Mr Peter Maurer, Chairman of the ICRC, is on a tour..... More than 100 employees of the Good Morning Bread plant of Myanmar Mayson Co Ltd in Yangon have gone on strikes to..... Supported by the German government, the home visitation centre in Insein is.....

The Omni Focus coach operator will operate shuttles from Yangon International Airport to Yangon Central Railway Station..... First of the four health care hospitals in the country's jails with the help of the Three Millennia.....

All about Yangon

Yangon, Myanmar's biggest town, is one of the best places in Asia. Those are the reason why it is called the "Garden Town of the East". But Yangon has more to boast than just an amazing landscape. It is a crucible - a variety of civilizations and societies in relation to peoples, settlements and religion.

The Yangon was formed in 1755 by King Alaungpaya; he formed Yangon on the site of a small village called Dagon when he ruled the lower part of Myanmar. It was he who gave the name Yangon, which means "end of the fight". It is a place that combines traditions, cultures and modern times and is a must for anyone who wants to see a different side of Asia.

The BBC News

Most of the building was made of tea wood and was constructed in the typical burmesian way. The building was a favourite tourist symbol. A spokesperson for the Htoo Group, which holds the property, Htay Lwin said to AFP press agency: Adrienne Frilot, an US visitor to the motel, said Frontier Myanmar didn't notice a fire alert and didn't wake up until the motel was hectic.

"Recognizing that something was going on, we opened the doors and could smell the fumes and evacuate immediately," she said to the newsmagazine. "No alarms and it just sounds like there were drunkards in the corridors," she said, and added that the personnel were helping to keep her and others safe.

Our patrons have relocated to other Yangon hostels. Located on the shores of shores of Lake Kandawgyi, the resort was constructed in the 1990' s, but its oldest part is from the 1930', when the grounds were used by UK military officials as a paddle-school.

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