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U.S.-Myanmar Relations - VOA Standard English Matt Pottinger, the White House National Security Council's Director for Asian Affairs, met with Myanmar from 14-16 June to speak to leading U.S. and Myanmar officials and representatives of civic organizations about and strengthening U.

S.-Myanmar relations. United States is worried about the escalating conflict in north-eastern Myanmar, particularly in the states of Kachin and Shan, the Rakhine state conflict and the rise of drug use.

This is a major challenge and advancement is crucial to Myanmar's overall prosperity. In particular, the Rakhine crises have triggered an immense human rights crises and pose a challenge to the area. While the United States has sometimes been sceptical, it has remained engaged as a friendly to help Myanmar solve the Rakhine state and the many issues facing Myanmar.

US policies towards Myanmar are part of a wider US policies in the area to promote a free and open Indo-Pacific that is important for the success and prosperity of all. The Indo-Pacific is a free and open country, free from constraint and able to safeguard its independence and regional integration; it has good government and observance of basic freedoms and freedoms; and all peoples have a shared obligation to settle differences peacefully.

The US aid of around 120 million dollars last year helped a tranquil, dynamic and growing wealthy Myanmar. United States is working directly with growers, companies, banks and other agencies to help all Myanmar's populations profit from the country's economy. United States is helping Myanmar to establish dynamic democracy that provides important service and builds the capacity of community leadership to help bring lasting harmony and mitigate conflicts throughout Myanmar.

US-Myanmar relationship has been built on supporting Myanmar in the areas of freedom, democracy and freedom for many years. United States advocates a non-violent, democracy and increasing prosperity in Myanmar. This is good for Myanmar and good for the United States.

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