Www Myanmarjob com mm

Myanmarjob com mm

MJobs. mm is the best place to find a job in Myanmar. Dedicated to job advertisements for humanitarian and development organizations in Myanmar. Evidence of residence in Myanmar or visa (required for non-Myanmar citizens); a table with the equivalences of the voice note can be found here.

Burma job search, for those who want to work Short app name: mmJob. Discover our world to find out how we, as thought leaders and innovators, enrich our customers' businesses and help them grow.

So how do you get started?

On this page you will only find the latest openings in Myanmar. Joining Employer Silver, registering as a person seeking a position, filling out a CV, applying and interviewing through this website is totally free. Employers can publish their positions and find applicants for an employment meeting. Applicants can publish their CV, find the position they are looking for and submit their applications on-line.

You can use the extended browse to find vacancies by category and location, e.g. Yangon-based. Choose the type of membership and receive free caps. Publish your vacancies. Write your resume. Find your favorite position, submit your application and generate your own notifications.

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Ooredoo Myanmar puts our staff first. Attracting the best talents by providing all our staff with first-class careers and programmes, as well as extensive remuneration and performance plans. With our emphasis on equity and mutual trust, we are committed to making Ooredoo the best employer and to integrating our Caring,ecting, and calling brands.

We put our people first and promote our talent through talent management and careers that offer greater and better promotion prospects. We' re listening to the voices of our people so that we can all say how proud we are to be working at Ooredoo. Click here for more information and job openings at Ooredoo Myanmar or submit your resume directly to our recruiting group.

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