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Satelite images have shown that the fires devour vast parts of Myanmar's Rakhine state, raising the accusation that the state powers are conducting a conscious and systemic expulsion of the Muslim Rohingya population. Amnesty' s satellites accompany new testimonies of Rohingya escapees who say they were alerted to attacks by the state armed services and asked to leave their village just to be shot at and accidentally knifed by troops as they tried to run away.

A minimum of 370,000 Rohingya have escaped across the Bangladesh frontier in the last three wards. The testimony has been confirmed by Amnesty with fire intelligence information, satellites, ground photos and videos, and eyewitness interview in Myanmar and Bangladesh. Since 25 August, when Myanmar's armed forces started a fire attack on Arsa after the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Force attacked policemen, at least 80 large fire raids have broken out in populated areas in the north of Rakhine.

Images from the same four-year time frame did not show a fire of a similar size throughout the state. The cumulative proofs suggest that Rohingya houses were intentionally sentenced to "ethnic cleansing". Amnesty International's Head of Rapid Reaction Tirana Hassan described the proof s as indisputable and said they were an example of crime against people.

During a recent visit to Maungdaw, the BBC - which had been summoned by the Myanmar administration - saw a burning down of a Moslem settlement shortly after it was burned down by Rhakin Buddhist youth who were telling the BBC that they had done so with the help of the BBCPD.

Myanmar's president spokesperson Zaw Htay acknowledged on Wednesday that nearly 500 Burma's military attacked nearly 500 communities in "evacuation operations" in reaction to the August 25 Arza assault. Myanmar's de facto head Aung San Suu Kyi, who has come under fire for her failed condemnation of the terrorist acts, should be attending the UN General Assembly next weekend.

However, Zaw Htay said she would stay in the state because the administration is confronted with "unrest in some areas" and reportedly imminent "terrorist attacks", reportedly by Rohingya fighters. There are also stories of Bangladesh's shipowners aiming at Rohingya and asking them to cover up to $100 (£75) for the crossing to Bangladesh, a journey that usually cost 50 eurocents by sea.

We now want to go to the camps but have no money," said Momena Begum, 35, a Rohingya mum of five children, the AFP. One Rohingya wife, Nadera Banu, 19, said she was compelled to exchange the one object that mattered to her everything to surviv.

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