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Myanmar for "violation" of secrecy law: court. Burma Rohingya crisis: And the horrors the worid can't see. BEATING, abusing, raping and murdering. It'?s not a problem for the whole wide globe.

Rohingya's predicament was emphasized as "the most pursued humans on the planet" in a devastating new UN account. Myanmar's army was alleged to have murdered probably hundred of Rohingya in a sustained repression.

Aka Burma, the reigning army june in 1989 renamed the land Myanmar. UN legal organ OHCHR's reports of tortures, murders and group rapes by the police are so serious that they could lead to rapes. Elaine Pearson, head of Human Rights Watch Australia, said what was going on in the United States was "terrible, pointless and unjustified".

"Rohingya woman and girl have been systematically and coordinatedly attacked and sexualized by Rohingya police, partly because of their religious and ethnicity," Ms. Pearson said. Who are the Rohingya and why does the earth do nothing to help? Rohingya, which number about one million people, are mainly focused on the coast state of Rakhine and are considered virtually aliens in Myanmar, 90 percent of which is Buddhist.

"Rohingya are even more marginalized than other Muslims because they are not recognized as Myanmar nationals under the Nationality Act and are regarded as "Bengalese" or "illegal immigrants" even though they have been living in Myanmar for generations," said Ms. Pearson. Rohingya have always been confronted with harassment and discriminations.

However, this situation increased in October last year following the Rohingya fighting that led the Myanmar army to launch a number of" evacuation operations" in the north of Rakhine. The HRW reports that police officers have carried out executions of men, wives and kids, rape of wives and daughters, plundered properties and burnt down at least 1500 houses and other structures.

However, according to the Bangladeshi authorities, about 400,000 Rohingya live there, most of them are not registered. Human Rights Watch supported the appalling UN review this weeks, which described in detail how Rohingya police systematically attacked Rohingya while raping her. She alleges that 13-year-old females were violated by the Burma military and border police, many of whom suffered disastrous deaths.

It has been established, on the evidence of eyewitnesses, that these assaults were conducted solely on the grounds of ethnic origin and religious belief. An HRW lady recounted how she was violated and suffered terrible wounds. There have been incidents of murders and rapes by the world' s leading police force, triggering worldwide alarms and demonstrations throughout Southeast Asia.

In Bangladesh, tens of thousand of Rohingya have escaped the war. Last weekend, Indonesia asked the diplomatic and UN organizations to back a contentious scheme to move Rohingya escapees to an inhabited, vacant coast isle known for its floods and pirate attacks. The HRW said that the transfer of the fugitives from the Cox's Bazar area to Thengar Char is against Bangladesh's commitments under IHL.

"Suu Kyi unfortunately follows her own non-scientific as well as her own personal politics, and since the Rohingya are profoundly disliked in Myanmar, she is not prepared to denounce the abuse, violent behaviour and discriminatory practices to which they are subjected," she said. The UNHRHR last week's UN HR REP was shocking for people. Mrs Pearson said that the rest of the worid could no longer disregard what was happening and what had to be done.

It said that the violent situation is already affecting other parts of the area as Rohingya are obliged to leave their houses because of the violent situation.

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