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Burma and the UN announce an agreement on the return of Rohingya. As Aung San Suu Kyi says,'external hate stories' drive Myanmar-Rohingya's tensions. THE WAR IN THE ETHNIC STATES OF MYANMAR: Air raids, trapped civilians and fear: In northern Myanmar, the forgotten Kachin conflict is intensifying. I will visit three countries this time - Cambodia, Korea and Myanmar.

He was adamant about breaking off contact with the Myanmar army.

Australia wants Australia to stop financing the Myanmar army because it wants 13 officers to be brought to justice over the Rohingya migrants' scare. In an important document, the UNHCR has published a list of leading officers and policemen alleged to be involved in the assassination, violation and torturing of Rohingya.

Myanmar prosecutor and amnesty campaign coordinator Diana Sayed says Australia must end its $400,000 financing contract with Myanmar's armed forces and sanction the 13 members of staff. As a reaction to the Rohingya refugees crises, the European Union, Britain, the United States, France and Canada have already broken off relations with Myanmar's armed forces.

Australia continues its $400,000 programme, however, with the funds allocated to education in human aid, emergency aid, peace-keeping and teaching language. "It is simply appalling that Australia is maintaining this relation, which all other counties have very clearly cut back," Mrs Said to AP when the story was published on Wednesday.

The Myanmar is denying the allegations. Whereas Labor described Australia's relations with Myanmar as "completely untenable", Foreign Minister Julie Bishop in April called for Canberra to make funds available to the Myanmar army for education, peace-keeping and teaching England. It has also contributed $70 million to Rohingya, who escaped to the Cox's Bazaar in Bangladesh, and has provided $76.9 million inODA this year.

Mrs Sayed said that Amnesty wants Australia to make sure that the relief funds do not "support an apart-heid state". Amnesty' s statement outlines what she says is the proof the ICC needs to pursue 13 Myanmar guards who are supposedly involved in outrages.

These include Myanmar Defense Commissioner Min Aung Hlaing, who in April in Nay Pyi Taw had meetings with Australian Ambassador to Myanmar Nicholas Coppel on the issue of the country's bi-lateral cooperation on defense and the Rakhine state. Vice Senior General Soe Win, with whom Australia's Australian armed forces Chief Lieutenant Angus Campbell had open discussions at a recent Armed Forces meeting in Seoul last September, has also been appointed.

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