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He' blocking another round now. Well, in that case, our systems are detecting that's what's going on. It is now up to the Council to take action against the outrageous crimes of the military and follow their call. Counterfeit messages are coming in from all sides," says Saw. Now the Australian Embassy is in Vantage Tower.

News provides a vote for the Karen people of Myanmar.

The Karen Newspaper is an ethnical Karen intelligence service that produces writing papers, television and movie coverage on welfare topics that affect the Karen people in Myanmar and around the globe. The Karen Newsletter offers Myanmar and the wider Myanmar region and the wider Myanmar region a gateway to what is going on in Myanmar's Karen state.

Topics reported by Karen News are refugee return, human expulsion, landholdings, land seizure, the ongoing peacemaking processes, the impact of unimpeded urban and environmental developments, and the abuse and human and immigrant labourers. The website has allowed ethnical reporters to cover a wide variety of topics of social equity and to make these articles accessible to an influenceful public throughout the world.

Now Karen News has proven its trustworthiness as a key information resource about the Karen and the important topics affecting their people. The Karen News team has expanded its capacities to produce TV shows every week, 20 min FMR and 15 min TV in Karen and Burma.

Unfortunately, the hopes that the NLD administration would lead to an improvement in the livelihood of the country's inhabitants have quickly vanished and many crucial questions of societal equity have remained the same. Providing APHEDA funds over the past 12 month has assisted Karen News to cover a wide range of these ongoing questions of societal equity, with particular focus on educating those who live in areas that are undeveloped or affected by conflicts.

In the last 12 month the following topics have been discussed: government leadership, rural policy, the right of return for politicians and environmentalists, EU policies, democracy reforms, migration and refugee. In 2017, Karen News also directed a feature film entitled "They Only Listen When We Are United". Karen News interviews APHEDA's trade unions in Myanmar and reports on the fight of Myanmar laborers struggling for their liberties in Myanmar's manufacturing areas.

Used in both Burmese and British to inform Australian workers about Myanmar's war. This will also be used by Myanmar's trade unions as an education instrument during trade unions' outreach. In the next 12 month, Karen News has pinpointed a number of important questions of societal equity they want to explore and share (through both writing and filming).

Building on the hit of the film " They Only Listen When We Are United ", Karen News is planning to tour Myanmar and film employees from the core apparel, food, construction, hospitality and household industries. Cease-fire / Peacemaking - In January 2012, the Karen National Union joined a peacemaking operation with the Burmese authorities that led to a cease-fire.

It will have a great impact on the Karen tribe. At the moment the discussions have stalled and slid off the government's schedule as it is attacking the municipalities of Rohingya, Kachin, Karen and Shan. The Karen News reports on the state of the art of the peacemaking process and what is in the pipeline for the coming years. Return of Iraqi nationals - There is mention of the return of the 100,000 internally displaced persons who live in the Thai refugee camp and the 400,000 internally displaced persons in East Myanmar.

Migratory labourers - It is thought that up to three million Burmese have come to Thailand to find work. Most of these individuals are indocumented and susceptible to being exploited on construction site, as servants and by various civil servants. The Karen News will provide information on updated labor laws for migrants in Thailand and on all raids by the Thai government against these endangered migrants.

See below for the Karen News trailers' forthcoming documentary'They Only Listen When We Are United':

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