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He' blocking another round now. Well, in that case, our systems are detecting that's what's going on. It is now up to the Council to take action against the outrageous crimes of the military and follow their call. Now the Australian Embassy is in Vantage Tower. Now Thant and his family are preparing for a new life in Myanmar.

Myanmar's forests outlived a 68-year long civilian conflict. Now, his fate is unknown - RN

Driving to the side of a stream and boarding a long blue-red wood craft, you can cross the slimy, fast-flowing stream that divides Thailand from Myanmar in a few moments. The thick wood ascends to the cloud on both sides, while the motor is roaring against the currents. Beneath shining, round-leaved tea tree on Myanmar's side hides a small, temporarily displaced settlement with its happy and resolute inhabitants: the Karenfolk.

Many Karen stay in Thai shelters, while in Myanmar they stay in their tens of thousands. Karen are still there. "that our Karen should be peaceful and without disturbances and force. Karen want to preserve the wood as their self-titled "Peace Park" - with the aim of maintaining their powerful aura.

Situated in the heart of the city, the 5,200 km2 Friedenspark is a comprehensive network of fully preserved areas of the wild, various interzones that allow the hunt, the care of the forests, agriculture and small towns. Both men and young men and woman from towns around the county are educated as foresters. Campbell of Wildlife Asia is assisting in training theseangers - who observe wild animals and evidence of illicit activities - in camerafishing, wild animal surveillance, poaching and census.

"It seems there is a sensible populations of animals here, including the leopard, and we have found proof of leopard and boy, which means that there is a good plundering base," says Mrs Campbell. "Areas in the area have already been pinpointed and charted, and foresters have learned to defend them. It is a conscious policy act to show that the Karen are serious.

You want self-determination within Myanmar and controlling what happens where. Mrs. Campbell, who manages the Wild Life Asia business on her own, could even be in a lot of troubles if she has local people. "â??We know that the poachers' pressures will rise because there has been no drop in animal product demands, despite the shortage of available wild animals from the neighbouring Asiatic lands as so many have been extinct,â? she says.

"All woodlands where wild animals still live are very valuable to hunter. Karen are on the verge of catastrophe or extraordinary achievement. "It is worrying about putting them at greater peril, but it is the right moment to alarm the outside world," says Mrs Campbell.

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