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This is a tri-service office with units from all three branches of the Myanmar armed forces. In Upper Burma the Toddy-Tappers disappear. Under the revised Myanmar Company Act, all companies must re-register. The information provided is reliable but without guarantee. Burma River Cruises & Latest Cruises.

Myanmar Business Executive Association (MBE)

The MBE is an NGO, a non-profit and charitable company with 109 members and a community of more than 1000 leaders and managers with the goal of promoting sustained economic growth in Myanmar. We are committed to good corporate governance, community and educational programmes in cooperation with community and multinational organisations and companies.

Favouring a profound sense of company socially responsible, for a new way of doing things.


Myanmar has an abundance of beautiful landscapes, old sacred relics, busy towns and intriguing festivities, from picturesque Bengalese Gulf shores to the snow-capped summits of the northern Himalayas. It is a land full of culture and culture, but also full of warmer, friendlier peoples with an astonishing diversity of nationalities.

Myanmar is also a rapidly evolving nation, unlike anywhere else in the world: many of the amenities and amenities you are used to may be hard to find; there are ethics and politics to consider; and it can sometimes be a bewildering - even disorienting - place to nav.

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Myanmar is unique for its variety. The great geographic variety ranges from the snow-capped hills in the north.....

Burma is blocking all UN assistance to civil society at the centre of the Rohingya conflict | World Affairs Newspaper

After the UN stopped the distribution in North Rakhine State after militias assaulted on 25 August, the regime reacted with a counter-offensive that murdered several hundred more. Myanmar-based UN coordinator's offices said the supplies had been disrupted "because the local safety conditions and constraints imposed by the local authorities made the distribution of aid impossible".

"UNO is in constant touch with the agencies to make sure that it is possible to restart relief efforts as soon as possible," the Bureau said. The assistance was supplied to other parts of the state of Rakhine, he added. The most deadly violent outburst in the region for decade-long, the army is charged with cruelty to the haunted Rohingya minorities, of whom ten thousand have escaped from burnt towns to neighboring Bangladesh, many with gunshot marks.

UN HCR, UN Population Fund and Unicef personnel have not carried out fieldwork in North Rakhine for more than a weeks - a perilous stop to life-saving aid that will hit both impoverished Buddhists and Rohingya. United Nations World Nutrition Programme said it must also stop distributing to other parts of the state so that 250,000 would not have normal contact with it.

16 large non-governmental organizations, such as Oxfam and Saving the Children, have also lodged complaints that the authorities have limited entry to the area. Charitable organizations are "deeply worried about the plight of tens of thousands affected by the continuing violence," said Pierre Peron, a spokesperson for the UN Office for the Coordination of MYM.

Fugitives who made it to Bangladesh last weekend have been telling terrible tales of village slaughters which they say have been attacked and slashed. Monday morning a thousand of Rohingya bordered the highway that ran along the frontier. Balukhali hill, an area very near the frontier, was shrouded in dugouts that the Rohingya made themselves by covering thin dark tarpaulins in a frame of shiny red canvas.

The locals said that the refugees encampment, which occupies an area the scale of a small city, was only empty a fortnight ago. On Saturday, the 20-year-old university graduate escaped from his home in Northakhine. Rohingya have been suffering repression for centuries, but the recent outbreak of force is considered a serious threat because it was triggered by a new group of militants named Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army.

According to the army, 400 men were murdered, the overwhelming bulk of them "terrorists", but a bloc of governments over entry to Rakhine makes it virtually impossibility to check them. On Monday, the UN said that 87,000 predominantly Rohingya evacuees had reached Bangladesh since August 25. Some 1.1 million Rohingya are living in Myanmar, which is refusing to give them nationality and has been convicted on an international scale for its handling of the indigenous population.

Hard-line worshipers in Myanmar, mostly Buddhist, have fueled the anti-Muslim mood and are accusing the helpers of pro-Rohingya prejudice. Myanmar's chief, Aung San Suu Kyi, has built an increasing aggressiveness towards human organizations in the state. Your bureau last weeks blamed helpers for assisting a terrorist, an allegation that triggered anxiety about their soundness.

On Monday ten thousand persons gathered in the main Islamic state of Chechnya's main city, the Rohingya. Over 100,000 Rohingya who have been living in refugee centres in Rakhine since 2012, when the violent conflict between Muslims and Buddhists drove them out of their houses, also ceased to receive help last weekend.

There are overcrowded cages in the warehouses, which normally get help on a daily basis. Bureaucracies have also refused entry to foreign employees by maintaining visas, and "non-critical" employees have been evicted from the state. "It is imperative to protect internally displaced persons and other civilian victims of conflict and to provide secure human rights aid, which includes adequate nutrition, housing, water and healthcare," Peron said.

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