Www Burma Classic

Wwww Burma Classic

Journey through Burma (Myanmar) from Yangon (Rangoon) to Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake on this classic Burma trip. Myanmar Classic Burma Tours is a perfect introduction to the cultural, historical and scenic highlights of this beautiful and fascinating country. Burmese cabbage salad: cabbage, red onion, crispy onions, onion oil, roasted chickpea flour, dried prawns, fish sauce, tamarind, coriander, lime. Lapet Thoke and Mohingya are such classics and SO delicious! Logo - Home;

Albums. The songs come from a large number of classical songs known as Mahagita (Sanskrit for great songs).

Classical Burma

This classic Myanmar trip takes you through the story of this thrilling part of Asia, beginning in the capitol Yangon with its charming blend of English settlement and old Buddhaist monument. Take a flight to the last imperial city of Mandalay to discover the magnificent castles and convents and take a full days trip along the Ayeyarwaddy River.

Take a shuttle to Bagan - certainly one of the most beautiful sights in the whole wide open spaces of the city, a magnificent set of centuries-old shrines that bear testimony to the glory of a bygone civilization. After all, we go to the beautiful Inle Lake with its lovely towns and exceptional row fishers before returning to Yangon.

For those who want to package the Myanmar peaks in a short period of the year. If possible, you will have the same guidebook during your journey, but sometimes it may be necessary to switch guides at one or more points during the itinerary. Today you' ll be visiting Yangon's city centre, which is one of a kind, as much of its architectural heritage from the former colonies is still preserved.

The itinerary takes you through Yangon city centre, with a focus on the old settlement area. You will be guided through the side roads in a relaxing atmosphere, explaining the story of each of them, some of which are empty, others are being renovated and others are being used for different uses than they were made.

Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, is a beautifully dilapidated town. A large part of Yangon town centre is home to a magnificent range of colonial-style architectures that date back to the English occupying forces, as well as the beautifully scenic Town Hall and High Court. In Central Yangon is the beautifully colorful Sule Pagoda, an antique building in the midst of a bustling crossroads that gives a great image of how Myanmar combines old mysticism with contemporary trade interests.

However, the gem in Yangon's crone is the Shwedagon Pagoda, a set of stupa crusted in golden, which is said to attract Myanmar residents and contain Buddha hair. andalay has one of the most impressive name in the whole wide globe, along with other legendary towns like Kathmandu and Timbuktu.

This was Myanmar's last imperial capitol, established in 1857 but not of long duration. As a result of the conflicts with ever-growing interests of Britain in the latter part of the nineteenth centuary, Mandalay was invaded and the King's household was taken away and the short life of the town disappeared. Though unoriginal, it gives an interesting glimpse of the architectural style of the time and a timber watch tower offers a panorama view of the area.

The Mandalay contains a large number of paya, abbeys and couples, among them the elaborately sculpted monastery of Shwenandaw and Kuthodaw Paya, an amazing ensemble containing a myriad of labeled stone workman. The Amarapura is known for its kilometre-long pedestrian bridge over Lake Taungthaman. Bagan flourished between the eleventh and thirteenth century, when King Anawahrata began a huge construction program that today covers about 40 square kilometers on the shore of the Ayeyarwaddy.

The temple of Thatbyinnyu, Ananda Pahto, Shwesandaw and the powerful Dhammayangyi, which lies in the midst of the plains, are the highpoints. There are many Buddhist paintings in the temple, while others are adorned with old frescos. Whilst some see relatively many visitors, others are temptingly uncharted, and it is quite simple to find yourself as the only one who is amazed at the miracles of an old civilization.

To explore these sanctuaries, to go through twisting and shaded passages to a patio with panoramic view over the whole area, is one of the high points of the journey within the whole Asian continen. The huge Inle Sea is one of Myanmar's main tourist sites. Sightseeing around the pond shows small towns with buffaloes swimming in the waters and wood abbeys that have been here for centennies.

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