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In Burma, we want to help those who cannot afford dental care because the majority of Burmese do not have access to dentistry. As an adventurous dinner I ordered the least known item on the menu, Burma's national dish, the popular tea leaf salad Lahpet Thok. Burma Aid - Building Life Together But with your help we can help the unfortunate and those in need. Rohingya cannot be seen or heard, but we can. We can give the desperate the hopes, the houseless the clothing, and the hungry the meals.

We kindly ask you to make a donation to the despairing victims of Rohingya kids, old, handicapped, widow and fatherless orphan. Their funds will not be reduced through donations to Burma Aid. Now we are installing submersible plumbing systems where most users like schools, masjids and public places can use. After losing loved ones, houses, etc., destitute and defenceless individuals must rebuild their lives.

A 23-year-old Kachin peasant, who has been detained in May 2012, is the owner of the farm in Zau Bawk.

A 23-year-old Kachin peasant, who has been detained in May 2012, is the owner of the farm in Zau Bawk. During his agricultural activities, he was detained by the 36th Army of Burma on charges of being a soldier of the Kachin Independence Army (KIA). At the moment he is still on trial and has been indicted under the Law on Illegal Associations 17(1), which prohibits Burma's military-backed executive from joining forces with pro-democracy groups.

Burma's military-backed regime should stop using illegal arrests and tortures against civilian innocents. I would ask you to take steps to free Mr Zau Bawk and the other Burmese detainees. This issue of the paper examines the issues associated with the ongoing Burmese people' s count and the "epidemic" of land seizure.

Sailing, yacht charter and personal cruise in Myanmar & surroundings

The Mergui Arcipelago is situated in Myanmars (Burma) secluded south: a group of 800 abandoned archipelagos situated in the hectric area. Across the Thai frontier, the island did not open to aliens until the end of the 90s. The Mergui is one of the world's most untouched tourist attractions, with only a few of the 800 thinly inhabited islets and a few dozens of people visiting each year.

Mergui Archipelago's ancient residents are the Moken, a tribe that lives from and on the waters. Up until the recent changes of power in Myanmar, the relations between the Moken and the key agencies were tense. Things have improved lately, however, and the mokens are a little less inconceivable.

We can take you to the Moken towns where you can eat Moken foods, buy groceries and see men build dug-out barges that have been made for years. If you are an expert yachtsman or on a boat for the first trip, you will be fond of the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar, an area so varied and large that you can jump on the shore for a few days or sail on several days of bleach.

Mergui Archipelago is located in the tropics and the temperature is consistently hot and comfortable, with mean altitudes between 28-33°C (84-92°F) and mean depths between 20-24°C (69-76°F). You can sail all year round, but there are big variations between the different periods of the year. Mergui is the best season for cruising between November and April.

From May to June there are occasionally cyclones in Mergui. The many large islets offer sheltered moorings for every time of year, even in heavy wind and big waves. Whilst some areas of the arcipelago have not yet been fully mapped and researched, the area offers secure cruising with few underwater hazards or perilous outcrops.

Mergui Archipelago is full of game. Neglected by the goverment and the long period of regional separation, the more than 800 inhabited island have been left intact. Consisting of lime and stone, they range in scale from small ones to large ones bigger than Singapore. Lampi, one of the biggest isles, is part of the nature reserve and is home to some of the oldest mangroves in the world.

Among the wildlife on the island are the gibbon, python, civil cat, giant lizard and the rabbit-sized stag. Frigatebirds, Great White Herons, Emperor Dove, and Emeralds are just some of the species that inhabit this varied area. Farther to the east, where the mainland shelves drop into the ocean, Burma Banks is an exciting dive site for advanced divers.

Paste for Tunas, Barracudas, Mahi Mahis, Big Trevially, Español Mackerels or Snappers when cruising or near the coast. UNESCO has investigated the Mergui Archipelago as a World Heritage Site for its biological diversity, and the organisation's findings are as follows: "Whilst bio-diversity is largely unexplored, the unspoilt flora, associated maritime habitat and phenomenal geometric morphology on such an archipelago are likely to be of high importance for international bio-diversity.

These wooded mainland islands' bio-diversity assets and the limitations of conservation elsewhere in the area suggest that they are likely to be of international importance and potentially an important cross-border World Heritage site. "From November to May we regularly offer 6 day trips in the Mergui Archipelago starting in Kawthaung.

Catch a sightseeing cruise to explore Myanmar's lost world. We will meet you at your accommodation or your arrival at the port and you will be on the boat in no time at all. Unwind on decks with a welcome cocktail as we slide towards Mergui! SUNDAY 2 - Early the next mornings we reach Lampi Island, the biggest of the area.

We' re brunching aboard and visiting a Moken Lake nomad town. Let's buy octopus for supper before we sail north-west to beautiful Clara Island. You could be spending a whole weekend discovering its small islets, secret bays and secluded shores, so we pick the most beautiful ones: Frosts and Potter Isles. There are some sailors, others lying on decks watching the whales jumping.

The next morning after a long brush lunch we return to Kawthaung. Our scheduled 6 days excursions in the Mergui Archipelago start in Kawthaung in southern Myanmar, just across the Thai-Beltier. Coming from Myanmar, you can take a direct flight to Kawthaung Airport, which is linked to several internal airfields and serves several regional carriers.

We will be pleased to assist you in organising transport and pick-up at the airports. A further possibility is the flight to Ranong International Aerodrome. From Bangkok International Airfield there are Nok Air services every day. It is well serviced by locals, but we can also collect you from Ranong Aiport.

As soon as you are in Ranong, we take a long-tail cruiser across the Pakchan River to Kawthaung on Myanmar's side, which only lasts a few mins. The Phuket International Airport is a comfortable and easily accessible airport.

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