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The BBC - BBC Burmese broadcasts on Myanmar Radio The BBC Burmese is currently broadcasted on large scale TV and radios. BBC Burma's 10-minute, biweekly broadcasts are rebroadcast by Myanmar Athan and will be rebroadcast the following weeks at these times: BBC Burmese Facebook page has about 6.5 million supporters, while the BBC Burmese Canal on Viber has about 200,000 supporters (August 2016).

The BBC Burmese is part of the BBC World Service.

The BBC News in Thai and Burmese about Thailand's Khaosod

BBC news in Thai and Burmese is now available through Thailand's premier news website Khaosod. A selection of news items from the BBC News Thai website, bbc.com/thai, and the BBC News Burmese website, bbc.com/burmese, appear in Khaosod's Thai and Burmese indices, all of which are up to date each day. The BBC News Thai is reaching around 1.6 million Thai every month through its bbc.com/thai website and via Facebook (with over 2.2 million followers), Instagram and YouTube.

The BBC News Thai enthält auch Stuff en von BBC Learning Englishfor Thai-speaking learners. BBC News Thai enthält auch Stuff. The BBC News Burmese website provides access to bbc.com/burmese, Facebook (with over 13.3 million fans, of which more than one million are in Thailand), Twitter and YouTube, as well as everyday radios and a news program from Monday to Friday.

The BBC News Thai und BBC News Burmese sind Teil des BBC World Service.

The BBC starts Burma's portable audiovisual newsletter services

It also offers specific newsletters for current news and will be uploading new messages every days at 8:00 and 18:30, which can be accessed by the general population via a specific telephone number. "Burma currently has very low cellular coverage, which is likely to alter with decreasing cell phones and smart phones prices."

Nevertheless, the election groups are still sceptical about state constraints and human rights issues. "BBC Burmese - like the BBC's other BBC global intelligence agencies - is reporting on all sides of the coin in Burma," said Tin Htar Swe, publisher of the BBC Burmese and BBC World Service South Asia Hub.

BBC Bangla (Bangladesh) and BBC Hausa (Nigeria) will soon add text message upgrades to their existing BBC Bangla and BBC Hausa services under the same contract with Burma's Blue Ocean Operating Management aggregate, but a date has not yet been made. Burmese subscription holders can listen to the newsletter on 01-2399600.

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