Wuvulu Island

Island Wuvulu

The Wuvulu Island is part of the western islands of the Bismarck Archipelago in the western Pacific, part of the province Manus, Papua New Guinea. Intercultural interaction on Wuvulu Island, Papua New Guinea: the perspective of use and residue analyses of turtle bone artifacts. You will find the perfect Wuvulu Island Papua New Guinea stock photo.

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Its inhabitants are speaking the Wuvulu-Aua lingua franca, a western admiralty island tongue of austronese origin. Until the First World War Wuvulu Island belonged to New Guinea. The island was bought during the time of the Germans by the administration, which ruled out the acquisition of three areas for "indigenous reservations".

There were two of these at the west end of the island and the third at the east end. This last area was known as Ruvuraue (230 ha, 568 acres). 1907 the German administration assigned the land known as Agita (800 hectares) to Rudolph Wahlen - the land was the entire island with the except for the three reserva.

However, the German government has also given limited evidence of elections over the Ruvuraue reserve. The area known as Ruvuraue seems to have been moved to Rudolph Wahlen in 1912. They were both encumbered by charges in connection with coal extraction and the retransfer to the administration for landings and other official use.

In the aftermath of the First World War, the ownership passed to the custodians of the confiscated assets.

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