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How do they look? The colour of the red fox fur ranges from pale yellowish-red to deep red-brown on the upper parts and white, ashy or slaty on the underside. Mourrlin Fox ( It is the place where you will most of the times to be informed immediately about what is important to you. If you see a tweet you like, touch the cardio - it lets the someone who has written it know that you loved it. A retweet is the quickest way to exchange someone else's tweet with your following.

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RAGE: He' doing a King Arthur adaptation where he' a NYC count artist.

Apparently, according to The Hollywood reporter, Fox is creating a new interpretation of King Arthur legend - because we obviously don't have enough of that - but with an exiting twist: It's a, uh, policing process tragedy. Not even the theme of Britain's mediaeval romance can avoid the gravelly restart, King Arthur is revived as a Manhattan based graffitti painter by the name of Kind, who has to battle an old plague with his best buddy Lance and his ex, Gwen, who is a co-pub.

I am not against it in general, but only because I would never have thought of it. This show was created by The Jackal Group, who also created the forthcoming re-start of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The Fox, what does he say? Norway's "Song of Summer" could be the "Friday" of 2013.

We' re discussing Miley Cyrus instead of Syria, and then we' re discussing how we' re discussing Miley Cyrus instead of Syria. We' re watching movies and generating income for their makers, not because we think they'll be good, but because we want to make fun of them. As it turns out, animals are by chance the theme of the above musical clip, which you should see because you want to hum.

Today Gawker proclaimed "The Fox" by the Norway duet Ylvis as "Song of the Summer" and Nick Denton's blog is right - just as Rebecca Black's "Friday" was the 2011 tune or "Chocolate Rain" was the 2007 tune, or the 1998 tune of "Hooked on a Feeling" with a dancin' roll.

Ylvisåker Bård and Ylvisåker Vegard have produced a movie that you will see for the same reasons as Tommy Wiseau's The Room. So you won't be quite sure why you're looking at it, but you'll probably give it to a mate. It' a cheerful, guitar-driven dance-pop - think of Ke$ha and Will.i.am's "Crazy People", and you're part of it - with hilarious tunes of men's melodrama that describe the sound of different beasts.

It plays this rhetoric with costume, light, fumes and synchronised dancing movements somewhere in the forest. These cartoon EDM glitches are like a camper of what happens in Nicki Minaj's "Starships" film. The fox makes mad tones - sound you can listen to on YouTube, perhaps another semi-ironic virus sensational.

However, here is another tape to show that "most people" are mistaken.

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