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The Fox Writers Lab | Audience Awards

21 Century Fox Global Inclusion announces the winners in its 7th yearly Fox Partners Lab. This programme guides eight authors through an everlasting four-month syllabus that reinforces the pipelines of the initial storyteller in Fox-TV. The attendees of this year's Fox Writer Lab and their agents are: Authors get their screenplays through hands-on "master classes" and participate in speaking meetings with seasoned authors, show runners and stage-managers.

You will also be coach by Joe Rogers at Executive Reboot LLC and mentored by senior managers at Fox Broadcasting Company, Fox 21, FX and 20th Century Fox Television. Once the programme is successfully completed, attendees will be given prioritised staff reviews for the Fox Writers Lab Staff Writer role in Fox Entertainments production.

At the end of the programme, a Fox Writers Lab Fellow 2018 will be appointed as a finale. Fellow receives either a buy and develop assignment for his initial screenplay or a first-look transaction from Fox Broadcasting Company or one of its affiliates; individual interviews with Fox Entertainment's corporate and other directors as well as top cross-divisional managers and developers; and prioritized recruitment in all Fox real estate.

Laboratories will be given personnel briefings for the latest Fox Entertainments line and a first-look arrangement on the options for their initial and new script. Remarkable Fox Writers Lab graduates are Lena Waithe, Emmy winner of Master of None and author, exclusive editor and author of The Chi; Ed Gonzalez, co-writer of Allyes on Me; Cindy Fang, co-worker of Rush Hour and Fresh Off the Boat; JaSheika James and JaNeika James, exclusive storyline editor of Empire; and Ester Lou Weithers, co-author of Star and Pitch.

Many thanks for your interest in the Fox Lab 2018. 21 Century Fox Inclusion is pleased to announce the start of the 2018 Fox Producers Lab ("FWL"). Foxriters Lab is a very select program to promote the development of skilled authors with different opinions, background and experience of living.

We' re looking for dauntless story-tellers who will build a powerful pipe of well-rounded talents to cast for Fox TV shows, movies and other Fox real estate as well. FWL provides a four-month syllabus for educated authors, focusing on the development of genuine materials, improving literacy, and research into the medium and consumer electronics businesses.

8 authors will be shortlisted to take part in the FWL-Intitiative. The authors will be given senior staff appointments for the FWL Staff Author's current role in a Fox TV show. Of the eight (8) authors shortlisted, one will be appointed FWL Fellow 2018 and will be awarded a blank-script deal with Fox Broadcasting Company.

The authors chosen for the FWL programme will be polishing, refining and rewriting an old, genuine test scripts this year. At the FWL, eight (8) authors will be chosen to take part. A FWL author is appointed FWL Fellow 2018. FWL Fellow receives a blank script developing agreement with Fox Broadcasting Company.

Each FWL author receives senior staff appointments for the FWL Staff Writer role in Fox TV shows. The FWL authors are awarded a small scholarship to pay for the costs while they are in the programme. The FWL authors give FOX an unique "first look" to each FWL script. In the course of FWL 2018, authors will fine-tune, burnish, optimize and rewrite already existing authored script (unlike previous years, they will not develop and design new scripts).

Entries will be evaluated by select Fox readership by 8 November. Once you are chosen for this round, you will be asked to provide a complete PDF of your screen. Last 8 authors admitted to the laboratory will be informed on or before 13 December.

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