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Projet de suivi des investissements étrangers au Myanmar. The time has come to visit Myanmar for unspoilt landscapes and the enjoyment of ancient temples without being suppressed by other tourists. Myanmar is not very favoured by recent history and is once again on our list of recommendations. Data Privacy Statement - Risk and Compliance Report - Our Place in the World (CSR). Currently Exceed Myanmar has two main projects:

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Answer by Hilton Worldwide: The Myanmar Foreign Investment Tracking Project

The Hilton World-Wide did not give personal responses to our queries, but sent the following statement: Hilton World-Wide is a premier U.S.-based international hospitaller that meets the labour and labour legislation in all countries and regions in which we work. This Code of Conduct is applicable to all team members in our subsidiaries and to our own and administered real estate around the world and ensures a uniform international code of conduct.

The Hilton Group currently operates two Myanmar properties on assignment from their owner firm. While we are expanding our activities in Myanmar, we are working to support the growth of the country's tourist, recreational, social as well as economical development. Recognizing the significant opportunities in the international hotel and catering market to drive accountable practices in Myanmar.

Support for market entry and consulting in Myanmar

One of the largest investors in the West commissioned Veracity to undertake a thorough investigation of the risk of bribery and other issues in Myanmar to prepare for a larger scale of investments in the state. Preinvestment risk, such as a thorough evaluation of the functioning of a particular bidding procedure and the areas of the procedure at risk of corrupt practices, and post-investment risk, were included in the audit.

VERITADITUITY found that the commercial and policy significance of the client's prospective investment reduced the risk for Myanmar as well. Interviewing a number of resources, Mr Veracity noted that high-ranking civil servants of the administration are making great efforts to contain bidding for the bid. VERITADITUITY also analysed reputation, regulatory and operating issues the customer would face, such as stakeholder review, real estate purchase practice, general corrupt attitudes and policyliness.

Veracity's evaluation assisted the customer in making an educated choice to bid and develop a post-investment riskmanagement progam.

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