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The World Bank refuses to block Myanmar projects to urge the government to return Rohingya

Rangoon - The World Bank has refuted a Bangladesh statement that it has suspended approval of Myanmar Naypyitaw project to press Naypyitaw to return the expelled Rohingya to Rakhine state in a peaceful manner under an agreement concluded between the administration and two UN-organizations. "We have no intention of stopping current operations in Myanmar.

We confirmed that we will keep supporting new missions in Myanmar, especially in the state of Rakhine," said U Kyaw Soe Lynn, World Bank Communication Manager. The Independent in Bangladesh on July 2 reports that the World Bank has suspended approval of Myanmar as part of Naypyitaw's efforts to put strong pressures on the country to ease the country's peacefully returning Rohingya, who are currently living in Bangladesh's shelters.

History was cited by AMA Muhith, Bangladesh's Finance Minister, following his encounter with Jim Yong Kim, Chairman of the World Bank Group, in Dhaka. On July 2, Kim and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres paid a visit to a Rohingya concentration camps in southeastern Bangladesh near the Myanmar frontier. 700,000 Rohingya have escaped to the Myanmar area since the Burmese army initiated an emergency response last August.

Last weeks World Bank pledged 480 million US dollars to Bangladesh to help Rohingya's relief efforts. Wrong reports of the World Bank's suspending activities in Myanmar quickly became widespread in the community press after some Korean newspapers translate the history of the Independent and publish it on their web sites in Burmese.

"There could be some misunderstandings," said U Kyaw Soe Lynn in response to the comments of the Bangladeshi Treasury Secretary. "Our ventures will remain focused on achieving sustainable and sustainable solutions for poverty, conflict, social integration and globalisation. We' ll launch new programmes to create tranquil and wealthy municipalities in the state of Rakhine," he added. Victoria Kwakwa, Vice-President of the World Bank for East Asia and the Pacific, will be visiting Myanmar from 8 to 10 July.

The Commissioner will have meetings with State Councillor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, other senior representatives of the Chinese authorities and key players in the Bank's relationship with Myanmar. It will debate the use of funds from the International Development Association for investment to promote local integration and promote international peacemaking, according to a World Banks declaration.

U Kyaw Soe Lynn said the World Banks supports the UNHCR and UNDP in implementing their Memorandum of Understanding and the Annan Commission Report on Rakhine State as well. Since 2012, the World Banks declaration has provided USD 2 billion in gentle funding to help promote the country's economy and peacebuilding, with a focus on improved schooling and educational outcomes, stronger primary healthcare provision, increased countryside electricity, increased farm production and improved governance of the population.

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