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Burma's army leader is' culpable of committing a crime against the people.

Myanmar's top militaries should be brought to justice for human rights violations following a systemic assault on Rohingya Muslims, says Amnesty International. She also says the military was preparing its offense to escape from assaults last year lead 700,000 inmates. Burma always said they were the cause. No immediate response from the army to deny any abuse.

Myanmar's Myanmar envoy said to the UN that Ms. Lee was not independent and demanded that she be substituted. So what went on in Myanmar? Amnesty' s account has published in-depth proof of the crime committed by the army during the violent suppression of the Islamic population. Rohingya fighters - the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (Arsa) - assaulted several policemen in the state of Rakhine in August 2017.

They reacted by starting a large surgery, which they said was aimed at the fighters. As a result of the armed conflict ten thousand villagers were evicted from their houses and whole towns were burnt down. Some 700,000 Rohingya have now escaped to Bangladesh, where they live in refuges centres. And the Rohingya?

Rohingya are one of the many minority groups in Myanmar and make up the greatest proportion of Muslims. They' re largely scorned by the people of Burma. Prior to the economic downturn, there were about one million Rohingya in Myanmar, with the vast majority in Rakhine. Amnesty says what? We Will Destroy Everything says: "The Rohingya people' s racial purge has been accomplished through a harsh and systemic effort in which Myanmar' s military force has unjustly murdered tens of thousand of Rohingya, ruthlessly, even small infants.

"According to the report, these offences are internationally legal offences against the human race because they were committed within the framework of a wide-spread and systemic assault on the Rohingya people. She also says she can show that the Myanmar army is preparing for an offense against the Rohingya before the August war.

This makes it very unlikely that the mannequins will be brought to justice. How does Myanmar feel about that? Burma has not reacted to the Amnesty story, but has always claimed in the past that suppression was a legitimate reaction to a particular terrorism scare. A November 2017 inquiry cleared the Myanmar Armed Forces of all responsibility for the war.

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