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The gang was violated and torched: The ICC urges investigation into the horrors of Myanmar Rohingya | World News

The reports of Rohingya woman handcuffed to a tree and violated for day by Myanmar's army and men who were thrown into bulk burials, poured with gasoline and burned, were sent to the ICC. Proof was sent by a Bangladeshi alliance of organizations to ICC public defenders urging them to look into accusations of involuntary deportations from a non-responsible state.

Bangladesh is a member state that gives the ICC the authority to examine crime perpetrated there, but Myanmar is not and refuses any kind of Rohingya racial purge. As Bensouda argued, the compulsory Rohingya deport to Bangladesh could be under the jurisdiction of the ICC.

Burma has until 27 July to answer the charges and prove that the ICC has no competence in the Rohingya case. It is unlikely that the application will be greeted by the Myanmar authorities. A report by Myanmar Burmese leaders Aung San Suu Kyi's bureau on Wednesday cited her insulting "hate stories from outside the country" that have stirred up tension between the Muslim Rohingya and Buddhist Rakhine groups.

Since August 2017, more than 700,000 Rohingya have escaped Myanmar after the army devastated communities, violated and tortured wives and kids, and murdered ten-thousand people. Likewise in the original was the report by Khurshida, 20, who described how she was kept prisoner with several other Rohingya wives before she was undressed, bound to a tree and subjected to rape for day and day.

ICC must be courageous and acknowledge its competence. It also documents the case of Sakila, 25, hiding in a soldier-burned home, and Nur Jahan, 31, was forcibly and repeatedly violated in front of her seven-year-old daughters. In Bangladesh, other organizations have claimed that the sex and sex-specific character of much of the Rohingya violent acts is essential and that the ICC should take measures to bring the offenders to justice.

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