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It has lodged a complaint with Unesco, the International Organization for the Protection of the World Heritage. Kasturi & Sons launched a Tamil daily newspaper called The Hindu last week. Ships in Tamil from headquarters in London, UK. The Tamil News from Tamilnadu Newspapers is what most people in India and the rest of the world are looking for. There is a South Indian state waiting to hear from its ailing leader.

Tamil Tigers and MI5 in Sri Lanka deleted from Foreign Office | World News

Britain's Foreign Office ruined almost 200 documents on Sri Lanka from the beginning of a Tamil tiger rebellion in which MI5 and the SAS clandestinely consulted the country's intelligence services, it turns out. Losing the records means that there are almost no records of the UK government's work with the Sri Lankan authority at the beginning of a famed violent civilian conflict.

Annihilation of the records gives rise to new doubts about the Federal Foreign Office's position on dealing with historical records on delicate issues. A formal inspection in 2012 revealed that the division had corrupted tens of thousand of documents describing Britain's counterinsurgency operation in Kenya and other settlements as the imperium came to an end.

He said that the contents of the data can be" political in character, but can also be of an editorial or volatile nature". Now the Foreign Office has affirmed that it ruined 195 Sri Lanka records from 1978 to 1980, three decennia after the nation became UK-affiliated. Division wouldn't say exactly when, where and how the devastation took place.

Middlesex University criminal specialist and Sri Lanka specialist Rachel Seoighe said: "The finding is very worrying given the absence of information about Britain's participation in Sri Lanka's safety practice at the beginning of the conflict. "She has lodged a grievance with Unesco, the United Nations Organisation for the Protection of World Cultural and Natural Assets.

They kept a record of documents showing that the documents had addressed a number of important issues, from cooperation on international cooperation and the sale of weapons to external assistance and "asylum applications in the United Kingdom". Since 1978, only three documents have remained, as opposed to 38 before.

Losing these notes is a shock to Tamil historicists who fought to protect them throughout the Sri Lankan civilian conflict. Attendance of the Special Air Service in Sri Lanka is listed only in a few survivors' documents in the National Archives kept by the Ministry of Defence.

An act of the Ministry of Defence shows that the right-wing Sri Lankan Sri Lankan President, Junius Richard Jayewardene, asked the Foreign Office in 1978 for a UK safety specialist to come to his home to help Tamil fighters who demanded their own state. But an act of the Foreign Office named Sri Lanka:

The 1978 Security Assessment, which could have shed the spotlight on the President's plea, was crushed. The survivors' defense records show that an Ml5 Racism Viewed Minister of Defense made two fact-finding trips to Sri Lanka in 1979 under the Labour regime of Jim Callaghan and the Tory regime of Margaret Thatcher. It is difficult to ascertain the full facts of these visit, as the Foreign Office annihilated a case called Sri Lanka in 1979:

Defensive missions from Great Britain. MI5 was John Percival Morton CMG OBE, better known as Jack Morton, a former Indian former Indian cop spying on the Indian independent movements, who once said that the Indians were "some kind of unripe, backward and destitute person who was the UK's primal role to rule and administer".

Later he became MI5 Executive Vice President and served in various safety roles in Whitehall. On Morton' s advice, a SAS crew came to Sri Lanka in 1980 to form a new Armed Forces CommandU. One of the documents annihilated by the Foreign Office was one titled UK military Assistance to Sri Lanka, 1980.

The spokesman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: "Like all other federal agencies, the Bundeskartellamt examines all its records in accordance with the Public Records Act before making a final ruling on long-term retention.

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