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Wellcome to Our World Bird Travels & Tours Co. More than a century later, after decades of isolation from the outside world, Myanmar, also known as Burma, has begun to open up. It was colonised by the British and severely damaged during the Second World War. Myanmar will probably be the highlight of any trip to Myanmar with the locals you meet. Weather and climate - Although it can be said that they are not as different as the climate in other parts of the world, Myanmar has three seasons.

Burma for 3 - is this the cheesiest journey of your life?

When you want to be in a rush, don't take a fast track in Myanmar. It is an undeniable calmness to get on a car full of passengers who all know that it will take seven hour to drive 100 kilometers but have nevertheless purchased it. They toast, share a snack with their neighbors, stick their heads out the windows, wave to the native children and duck back in as the grass and grass on the side of the road flog into the coach.

Trains move through the vegetation like a very sluggish, very dull weevil. We' re spitting the sap out of the car. Also the fans of trains are on the boat to see an unbelievable achievement of engineers, the Goteik viaduct. Walking on the running trail is slowing down to a gentle stroll across the river so that everyone has enough free space to marvel at the falls that stomp the side of the deeply wooded canyon.

We' re in the "upper class", i.e. the upholstery. It' a dirty coach and my foot rest is falling to the ground with a clink. It' probably the least expensive journey of your life. Mandalay - Lashio trains travel through Shan State once a week, leave Mandalay at 4am, reach Pin Oo Lwin at 7m40 every morning (where it will be waiting 30 minutes) and reach Hsipaw at 4pm, where most travellers will get off.

Much of Myanmar is still done by hand, even with the rail system. When you are in the luxury segment, you can buy your seat three working nights in advance. 2. Usual school cards are only available the previous morning. Myanmar Rail has no website - the web is about as quick as the railroad.

The annual World Traveller Market in London is the world's premier trade fair for the tourism world.

The annual World Traveller Market in London is the world's premier trade fair for the tourism world. Myanmar Tourism Marketing has an exhibit here that brings together all Myanmar-based businesses and individual visitors who want to proactively advertise Myanmar as a tourist location. Exhibitors are always engaged with dealers who want to involve Myanmar in their trips and with people who are interested in the land and want to organize their itinerary.

In comparison to other South East Asia the number of people visiting Myanmar is still very low, but it is increasing very rapidly. This is a chart showing the number of international visits in 2013 (source: World Tourist Association): Myanmar's tourist industry has been booming since the beginning of the country's policy and economical reform.

In 2012, the number of attendees for the first a million. Then, 2 million people in 2013, which is a landmark for the state and the number of anticipated for 2014 is 3 million.

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