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The World Bird Travels & Tours Co. Register directly in your inbox for travel inspiration! Many thanks to everyone who applied to participate in our Insider's Guide to Myanmar. Myanmar exotic travel & tours. exoticmyanmartravel.

com. Faithful to its reputation for opening new borders, Colona II is one of the first yachts to charter in the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar, Burma.

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Myanmar takes you back to a past eras of luxuriant forest, unspoilt sandy shores and adventure. Don't miss the sparkling 2,600-year-old Shwedagon Pagoda or the antique town of Bagan - its charming churches are truly atmospheric when you look at them from a hot-air baloon at night. Myanmar takes you back to a past eras of luxuriant forest, unspoilt sandy shores and adventure.

Don't miss the sparkling 2,600-year-old Shwedagon Pagoda or the antique town of Bagan - its charming churches are truly atmospheric when you look at them from a hot-air baloon at night.

the letter:

Many thanks to everyone who submitted an application to participate in our Insider's Guide to Myanmar. You been exploring Myanmar recently? We are looking for professionals for our Insider's Guide to Myanmar! We are looking for authors who can speak about experience and give useful hints for travelling around the whole state.

You don't want to talk about luxury travel, good food or bullfighting. If you are interested in placing an order, where you should add a link to your own travel diary or your own work, we will contact you for further information.

We will also be glad to put a back link into the authors' organic section if you are a blogsigner, autor or autor. In the case of photographic narratives, the fee will be agreed upon seperately. The Travel Safety Contents Auditing (panties 35 - 40 only) costs US $100 per item audit/rewrite. Read single histories for more detail. Choose one or more of the following Myanmar tales.

Kindly notice that the experience given in the briefing of each tale is obligatory, but we are also looking forward to your own hints and supplements - you are the inider! Describe travel expenses in Myanmar, which include transportation, lodging, a glass of wine, meals in dining rooms vs. catering, outdoor pursuits, trips, bike hire, motorcycle and more.

In order to be able to write this play, it is important that you have recently travelled to Myanmar to keep these expenses up to date. Speak about long journeys in Myanmar and problems with delayed transports, sharing your experience with the best means of transportation to travel, talking about cabs, buses, domestic transportation, rental motorcycles, motorcycles, rollers or bicycles.

Discuss the Myanmar grocery world and the best tasting cuisine. Understand the tastes and all the advice on travelers' foodsafety. In search of a traveller who can exchange his experience at various Myanmarfest. Discuss where and how you can participate in parties, what you will see, do, listen to and enjoy.

Speak about the things travellers should know before travelling to Myanmar: how to wear clothes in the open, what to do with a host family, how to approach others, how to respect the label when taking pictures of people. In Myanmar, please lock up your own gaffe, let others know about your own mistake!

Describe how travellers can get a visa - don't just relate to US/AU/UK. Discuss the immunization regulations (if available). Discuss the Myanmar season and when it's best to go where. Concentrate on where travellers should go to meet certain interests: Are adventurous travellers supposed to travel to CMB?

Discuss the best hiking days and longer walks, including camp sites in Myanmar. Discuss the type of accomodation and the cost of these walks. Discuss the different Myanmar strains, how travellers can get to know the indigenous peoples and get to know the area. Concentrate on traveling ethically and responsibly and how to get the most out of your journey without harming your community heritage and ecology.

We want this play to reflect your own experience. In Myanmar, everything revolves around monasteries and archeological places. Do you have a grocery store in Myanmar? We are looking for a traveller who can agree with his view of'modern' Myanmar - to unveil the'other' side of this historical area. In search of a novelist who has up-to-date information on the state of Myanmar's northern and southern borders.

Shared your top experience in Yangon, as many as possible: Swedagon Paya, BoTataung pit, night walk at Inya Lake, market, temple, Yangon River, Sule Paya, Kandawgyi Lake, Hledan Market, Kyauk Taw Gyi. The Hlawga National Park, full excursion to Thanlyin (the near historical town). Sharing your best experience in Bago, include exploring ancient buildings, buddhistic places, convents, temples and archeological places.

Shhwemawdaw Pagoda, Shwethalyaung Buddha, Taungoo Market, Kyaikpun Pagoda, Kyaik Pun Paya, Have you walked to the most sacred place of Buddhism in Myanmar, Kyaiktiyo Paya? Did you spend your time wandering around northern Myanmar? History must contain information about your tour leader, the cost of the walk, who you meet on the way, security advice, what you will be eating, how you will be sleeping, etc.

You can tell us about your favourite things and the most important things you can see and do in Mawlamyine. Speak about the temple, building, outdoor pursuits and market. Shared your experience in Hpa-An, which includes Kan Thar Yar Lake, Shweyinhmyaw Paya, Mount Hpar Pu, Caves and Mt. Zwegabin. Sharing your experience on Myanmar's beach exploration, include the following:

Discuss why it is rewarding to drive all the way there and what makes it different from the more tourist resorts in Southeast Asia. Discuss the best fairs, workshop, day walks, bike rides, host families and more. Tell us about your best experience in Mandalay.

We are looking for travellers who have done as many of the following activities/sights as possible: Climb Mandalay Hill, visit Mandalay Palace, Kuthodaw Pagoda, Shwenandaw Monastery, Mahamuni Buddha Temple, Pyin Oo Lwin Garden, Hsinbyume Pagoda and Nyaung-U. Sharing your top experience for discoverers in Mingun. Shared your top experience in Amapura.

We are looking for someone who shares her experience with Inwa. Speak about Bagaya Kyaung Monastery and what to see and do in the ancient city. Shared your top experience in sagaing. This includes buddhistic cloisters, sanctuaries and historic places. Speak about sightseeing and activities in Hsipaw, the enchanting and relaxed city high in the Shan State Mountains, near Mandalay.

They should be able to speak about the city' s logistic, daily walks, host families, and about the city' s cultural heritage and all its extraordinary facts. Faced with the North of Myanmar dispute, we are looking for a author who can speak about the problems travellers might face while travelling off the well-trodden paths in the North.

Discuss where travellers can travel in safety (Katha, Bhamo, Hsipaw, Pyin Oo Lwin), what should be prevented and what the journey isworthwhile. Write your own tale about your trips to the notorious Inle Lake in Myanmar. You' ll also be able to tell interaction with local people and retell all the tales you've learnt on the road.

In addition, please share your experience in Kalaw, the major travel centre to Inle. Many travellers go to Bagan, but how can they discover the area' s sights and get the most out of their sojourn? We' re looking for an author who can speak about her daily excursion to Mount Popa. We' re looking for a one-of-a-kind story about a traveller who flew over Bagan.

We are looking for a author who can exchange his ideas and ideas in Pyay, the city by the riverside. They must also refer to monasteries, streams, historical places and musees. They need to speak about the Thanbodday Pagoda with its 500,000 Buddha pictures and Bodhi Tataun, various caverns and streams in the area. In search of a novelist who shares his story on a boating tour on the Irawaddy to Mandalay from Bagan and talks about why it is better to take the boating than catching the transportation.

We are looking for the best travel reports in Myanmar! We' d like you to present your captivating travelogues, adventures and culture adventures. Their history could be fun, thought-provoking, or something that makes you travel. We are looking for authors to help us upgrade all of our current Myanmar contents.

Please be aware that the method of paying for checking contents is different. When selected, you will receive the latest item and must either rewrite or subedit it, with all necessary changes or updates. We are looking for authors who have been there for the last two years, so please let us know when you have been to Myanmar, as the security contents require an update.

Terrorist threat in Myanmar - Are these threat still in place? How is the Myanmar politic environment and the present state? Safe travel - Please inform yourself about the traffic conditions and security for travellers. Healthy travel - Please upgrade if you feel that changes are necessary.

Sharing your own experience with your own personal healthcare and sanitation to complement the item. Myanmar Monetary Policy - The monetary environment has shifted since this paper. Myanmar Ethics Travel - Looking for an author to review this post with up-to-date information and verify if any detail is out of date.

Myanmar criminality and security - This should be kept up to date with any new fraud or felonies you are familiar with in Myanmar. They are conceived as stand-alone blogs published on, but will also be re-formatted into a downloaded insider's guide. Because of the large number of candidates, we choose the authors according to the amount of additional details provided to us to find out why they are best placed to work for World Nomads.

Check out our explore-blog and travel safety tips to get a better understanding of our tones and what World Nomads is all about.

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