Work in Myanmar

Working in Myanmar

Livelihood Project Officer (two positions), Lashio, Myanmar CARE Are you new to Myanmar? That question makes me think of returning to my country. I' ve moved to Thailand to study further and get a career opportunity in InfoSec. Are you thinking about working or studying in Myanmar (Burma)? Looking for a new position and a company that challenges, inspires and leads you to new heights?

Myanmar Expat Guide to Work and Life

Prepare to live and work in Myanmar? Are you already an ex-pat and have recently moved to Yangon, Mawlamyine or another cosmopolitan town? We' ve got a brief survey of the different sites all over the globe - from relocating to Cuba to working in Switzerland. Myanmar, also known as Burma, is a land with a variety of civilizations and tongues that have enchanted the visitor from the very beginning.

While Myanmar has only been attracting FDI since 2011, it is an appealing and secure place for expatriates. Myanmar is gradually becoming democratic, and so are the better and better circumstances. It introduces health care, security, training and more in the state. Myanmar's economies are buoyant; there are overseas partners interested in partnership and the state' s red tape and institutions are on the up.

Our Myanmar work paper provides information on taxes, work permit and the general business community. Finding so much information about working and life in Myanmar is quite tedious and takes a while. Our Myanmar Expat Guide covers a variety of subjects, from healthcare, eating and drinking, eating and drinking, to travelling and shelter.

Issues that are typical of the expatriates' lives abroad, such as ?Has, have stabilised the fragile policy environment.... ? will no longer be open. Interested in expatriates outside Myanmar? If so, please find out more about our various export guidebooks, such as those who live in Denmark or work in Canada! Furthermore, our Myanmar lists contain suggested lists for Myanmar service providers and organisations that are tailored to the needs of expatriates, such as expatriates' personal teachers or overseas trade associations.

Interested in working in Myanmar?

I am thinking of returning to my own land. Compared to Bangkok, life in Yangon is a little less expensive, but the standard of live is also lower than in Bangkok. In my own state, the use of the Net is still a major technical area. But it is a land full of natural beauty, cultural richness and traditions.

In contrast to Thailand, the touristic sights in my own land are purely natural with an interesting history. So if you are a nomadic labourer who likes to go on a journey of discovery, I suggest that you work in my state. Taste the regional cuisine and journey through the countryside. Have a look at the results of the nomadic list to see what the nomadic working there think about Yangon and Bangkok:

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