Winter in Myanmar

Myanmar in Winter

Buranmar (you may know it as Burma). However, since the second half of October, the weather has gradually begun to develop characteristics of the local winter, which is the best travel season in Myanmar. And I know winter literally isn't coming to Myanmar. Burma has three seasons: summer, monsoon and winter. Go to the main menu at the bottom of the page.

Things are shy at La Niña; winter is shy so far.

Burma is going through a winter and the La Nin phenomena previously foretold has not yet taken place, said weather forecasters and hydrologists. In the Pacific Ocean's Pacific Ocean Survey, the Pacific Ocean's Observatory has published an indication that the Pacific Ocean temperatures this year are lower than they usually are, and there is a 55% probability that La Niña will take place in November.

"If La Niña happens, it'll only happen for a while. Meteorologists assume that the situation will return to normality at the beginning of 2018. In addition, at the beginning of 2018, the meteorological patterns would return to normality, said the testimony of Pacific Ocean observing Centrally.

The name La Niña is derived from Spain, which means that the temperatures on the east side of the Pacific Ocean are lower than average. "Myanmar won't get ice-cold. The show can take place every single months, but usually in December. On the contrary of La Niña is El Niño, when the ocean temperatures are warm.

Because of the influence of La Niña, there would be more cyclone in the Bay of Bengal during the winter period; the night temperatures in Myanmar will fall as the northeastern winds from the monsoons become stronger. "When making a forecast for La Niña, the calculations are made on the basis of the three-month mean temperature:

The winter in Myanmar is from November to February, but this year some areas will experience a decline in nightfall. In the winter period, the colder period is from the last weekend of December to January; in mountain or high mountain areas, it would fall below zero.

Others would see a single-digit rise in temperatures and it would be at least once cooler than normal, said U Kyaw Lwin Oo. Precipitation will also occur this winter; from the 30 year period 1981-2010, rain is seen in winter as a symbol of CCS.

"At the moment, winter looks about right. You can see the characteristics of winter. The Myanmar winter for this year is a series of coldness and warmth," U Kyaw Lwin Oo on. Myanmar saw a powerful La Niña in February and March 2011. "The effects of La Niña will not be felt.

The Niña means more rains and lower temperatures. Care must be taken in winter, as the cool water flows through," U Hla Tun cautioned. During 2011, the La Niña event contributed to keeping the overall mean temperatures below the norm.

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