Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

The official website of Windsor Castle, the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. Purchase tickets for the castle and plan your visit. The Windsor Castle is a royal residence in Windsor in the English county of Berkshire. The Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world and the Queen's most popular weekend home. The Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world and offers an exceptionally rich and varied day.

Castle - Windsor

An excursion to Windsor could not be completed without a stop at the astonishing Windsor Castle, the House of the Queen and Queen for over 1,000 years. It is breathtaking in scale (5 hectares), in fact it is the biggest and oldest castle in the whole wide open space and it is the place where Her Majesty, the Queen, wants to stay most of her personal workweekends?

And you can even schedule your trip when she's at home! Have a look at the banner waving from the round tower of the castle; if it is the royal standard, the queen will also be there. There' s something for everyone at Windsor Castle, and with so many places to go, you should take at least 2.5 to 3 hrs to see it all.

In 2018, work will begin on the extension and redesign of the Windsor Castle Admissions Centre. These changes provide quicker and more effective access for the public and a new look at the castle that everyone can see at the beginning of their stay. It is just one of the thrilling investments being made as part of the Royal Collection Trust's 27 million pound capital expenditure on the Windsor Castle guest viewing area.

The State Apartments offer some of the most beautiful works of the Royal Collection, among them works by Rembrandt, Rubens and Canaletto. Experience the splendor of St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, the place where Prince Harry and Mrs Meghan Markle were married, the tombs of 10 royalty, among them Henry VIII and Charles I, and one of the most beautiful specimens of Gothic architectural style in England.

There are Sunday worship ceremonies in St. George's Basilica, but the Basilica is open to the public on Sundays. Take a free Precinct tour with one of the castle keepers when you first get there and get the most out of your stay at Windsor Castle.

Just think, you will be delighted by the semi-state rooms, the stunning privately owned homes that are open to the public every year from October to March. The Windsor Castle, as it looks today, is the fruit of almost a thousand years of evolution, but above all four Monarchy have been leaving their mark: Eduard III (r. 1327-77), who reconstructed it in the splendid Gothic period and built the imperial dwellings in the Upper District; Charles II (r. 1660-85), who converted the Upper District of the Mediaeval Castle into a Palace of the Barbarian Order; and George VI.

1820-30 ), who renovated the outside in accordance with the romantical ideal of the castle interior and built magnificent and lavishly equipped interior rooms within the old structure. Go to the Royal Collection's website and check out your home ticket before you get there. To avoid the ticket queue, log into the ticket holder line in the Castle Visitor Centre.

Make sure that your lodging supplier is part of the RBWM Concierge Scheme and reserve your Windsor Castle tickets in advanced with the kind permission of your hotels or guests. Don't miss to turn your Royal Collection tickets into an annual season card so that you can come back within 12 month - there's always something new to see (don't miss to take a badge with you).

See which of the flags are waving from the round turret of Windsor Castle - if it is the Royal Standard, then the Queen is in Residency when you are in! The Windsor Castle is a working castle and may for some or all of the reasons be closed at any time; always review the preliminary closing times below at any time.

Think of the wintry season as a great season to attend; you will see the semi-state rooms at no additional cost and the state apartments are nicely ornamented for Christmas. When the state apartments are occupied on the date you come to see us, why not start by exploring the wonderful St. George'sapel? It is open to the public on Sunday (but open to the faithful).

Windsor Castle hosts a series of monthly events for families. Don't miss your free multimedia tour to get the most out of your stay at Windsor Castle - it is available in many different language versions and there is also a familiar one!

Featuring so much to see and do in Windsor Castle, those who wish to exit the castle for refreshment and downtown purchases can obtain re-entry visas from the castle stores or the sound drop-off point. For the latest information, please visit the Royal Collection Trust website. - Family Saturdays and schools holidays meetings and auctions.

Every Saturday throughout the year Windsor Castle hosts an interesting Saturday program for the whole of the Windsor region, which is connected with the astonishing story of the castle, the great arts and the past and present of the kingly inhabitants who were there. Familiensamstage - In additon to hiking paths and an audioguide for kids, an interesting annual program for families is on offer, which deals with the story of Windsor Castle, the works of arts on show and the past and present of the king's inhabitants.

At Windsor Castle, the topic of this year' s kids' activity is "Wild Ladies and Evil Knights". Participate in an arts studio in the sumptuous state apartments of Windsor Castle and make a little take-away delicacy. In St. George's Hall you will find interesting lectures on armor and knight; you can even try on a reproduction of the armor!

Participate in a series of hands-on armor- and knight-related games at the castle's music pavilion. The Windsor Castle is a functioning imperial castle, so opening hours can vary at any time. In order to prevent disappointments that some or all of Windsor Castle is shut down, please review the following preliminary deadlines before you schedule a visit: uk/visit/windsorcastle/plan-your-visit or call the ticket sales and information office on +44 (0)30 3123 7304.

BE AWARE THAT THE LOCK IS LOCKED 1 HR 15 MIN AFTER THE LAST ADMISSION TIME: We would like to inform you that Queen Mary's Dolls' House in Windsor Castle will be closing for public from Friday, July 6, 2018 until further notice. Please contact us for further information. Evening Tours - Accompanied by an experienced tour leader, our Guest will be able to indulge in an unforgettable "Behind the Ropes" adventure in the beautiful State Apartments.

Windsor recovery: Post-Fire Castle - This unique experience begins in the Winchester Tower of the castle with a refreshment and discussion with experts, telling the tragic tale of the fight for the fire and the rescue of indispensable works of the Royal Collection. A multi-media guide through the state apartments will continue the trip.

In the Military Knights' Tale - This trip provides a glimpse into the old and precious Military Knights of Windsor institutions, presented by a servant Military Knight.

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