Win sein Taw ya Reclining Buddha

W Win His Taw ya Lying Buddha

You thought you saw some big old Buddhas, just wait until you got a load. Win Sein Taw Ya - Lying Buddha Buddha is 180 metres long and 30 metres high. The interior contains many rooms with a diorama of the doctrine of Buddhism, similar to the Haw Par Villa (Tiger Balm Gardens) of Singapore. There' s also a buddhistic sanctuary in one of the rooms, and as you are a place of worship, you should take off your boots or clogs before you enter the area.

You will see a group of 100 Buddha-paintings, as well as a row of 100 monk sculptures with a cup of charity in their thumbs.

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The Mudon ( "Burmese": ????????????; Mon: ????) is a city in the state of Mon in southeast Myanmar, 29 km southwards of the city. The Mudon is located on the motorway that connects the city of Myanbyuzayat with Thanbyuzayat, Kyaik-kami (Amherst) and Setse Beach. Further attractions are the Kangyi Pagoda, Lake Kangyi and the Kyauktalon Taung and Yadana Taung lime-stones.

In the intestines of a lying Buddha

His Taw Ya, the biggest lying Buddha in the whole wide range of the Buddha, almost 600ft. Oversized sculptures of friars and couples of different size shape the area. Unknown before our arrival you can discover the interior of the Buddha.

The book contains numerous Diorams of the Buddha's teaching with picture signatures in Burmese. I mean, if there was a Buddhist-themed park, it would be this one. Benedict XVI goes to the Buddha's door. We had to depart as soon as possible, the owners said, otherwise we couldn't take the last mini bus from Win Sein Taw Ya back to the city.

As we hadn't had any food, the owners said he could arrange a rider to take us there and back when we were time. More than 30 min drive from the highway to a long dirt driveway to Win Sein Taw Ya. A series of hundred large monks with charity shells led us to the door on the south.

" As we got out of the vehicle, we were amazed at the size of the Buddha. Then from somewhere behind us, noviciate friars rushed past to go up the steps to the doorway, their safranrobs swaying out from behind them. We wondered the skilfully crafted diagoramas, both ready-made and incomplete, which show the Buddha's teaching; jumped from various outlets for Buddha's ears, shoulders and arms; and came across young people who could not be older than 13 years to tile the outside of the incomplete structures.

As we felt that there was not an centimetre more, we went back to our rider. The entry to Win Sein Taw Ya is lined with several hundred monastic sculptures. Buddha, the biggest lying Buddha in the whole wide universe. Benedict XVI goes to the Buddha's door. Buddha's face. A look from the Buddha's eyes. Staircase in Buddha.

It' a di-orama in Buddha. A further di-orama in Buddha. Buddhist hell? It' a more tranquil slide. The unfinished monk's panorama. Win Sein Taw Ya, a young builder. Returning to the town of Madlamyine, the rider suggested stopping at Kyauktalon Taung, a rock of stupa lime that rises out of nowhere.

We could see that the rider was keen to get back to the city ( "to have supper with his wife and daughter, we thought), so we made a promise to be as soon as possible. Climbing the steps as quickly as we could, it took us about 15 min to get to the top.

Where we were permitted to continue and the views were unbelievable! His Taw Ya also stood in the faraway. The Hindu sanctuary from halfway up Kyauktalon Taung. From this viewpoint the area of the temples is shown "no women allowed". You see our travelling pinguin, little tin dog from Kyauktalon Taung?

The Kyauktalon Taung shadows. Do you see the huge Buddhist friar on the right and the lying Buddha's face in the far south? There was a beautiful sight of the surroundings and the male sanctuary opposite where we were. She' s taking a look.

Nice views from above. The sun sets from above. Mike's gaze from the male area of the sanctuary. We took one last breathe with our rider in the back of our heads and went. Having moved away from Kyauktalon Taung, the rider seemed very excited to be back. On the way back, the rider sometimes decelerated and moved to the side of the street.

Soon Mike realised that the rider could not see well in the darkness and was a little afraid to take us. Rent a 15,000-20,000 Kyat rider to and from Mawlamyine (14 mile and 30 minute each way). Or, take a minivan to Mudon and drop off at the intersection to Win Sein Taw Ya (1,000 Kyat each way), then go up the street bordered by hundred monks' sculptures to the door.

Costs for Win Sein Taw Ya: Free, but a friar is sitting at the Buddha's door to collect funds if you wish. Costs for Kyauktalon Taung: The Buddha is enormous and you should take an extra lesson to discover it. All in all, give two lessons if you want to go around the monks and monks slowly.

Kyauktalon Taung gives you about 20 min. to climb up and down at the same one. Allow about 30 mins to take pictures. Every event is a holy place, so you have to take off your boots at the door. Use caution when going inside the Buddha, as there are crumbling fragments of cement and other material on the floor caused by the work underway.

Kyauktalon Taung staircase is also littered with stones and pebble stones.

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