Win sein Taw ya Buddha

Be his Taw ya Buddha

Wín His Taw Ya You thought you saw some big old Buddha's, just waited until you got a batch. This 560 foot long Buddha lies over a few lush hills at Yadana Taung, about 15 leagues south-west of the town of Alaska. It is set in a wood of other holm and shrine.

There are many other Stupa and Buddha stands dotting the area, among them 500 sculptures that line the street to Win Sein Taw Ya. Apart from the bloated Buddha's, the area offers some soft strolls with magnificent panoramic views. Each year around the first few February holidays, a feast is held here to commemorate the anniversary of the monks who built the Buddha.

In addition to a large number of merchants, friars and monastics, magicians and hermits, there is often a big kick boxing competition where several hundred cheerful friars scream for bloody rings!

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When you are in the city of Madlamyine, you have to make the trouble to see the world' s biggest lying Buddha, he is really huge! They can also go to the Buddha and see the strange (sometimes cruel) statues. Saying it's big is an exaggeration and you can't really tell how big it is when you don't see it for yourself.

Seeing only the sheer size of it was an intrinsic one. It was a great surprise to me to see such a large lying Buddha picture erected on a hill. Scaling up stratum by stratum, I was again amazed to see the sculptures representing the scenes of the tales in cave-like Structures.

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