Win sein Taw ya

? Win his taw ya?

Wín Sein Taw Ya - Mawlamyine, Myanmar (Burma) His Taw Ya is the biggest lying Buddha in the whole wide Buddha kingdom, 30 metres high and 180 metres long. Situated opposite the Kyauktalon Taung Buddha sanctuary, the lying Buddha is full of rooms with Buddha's teaching diagrams and a sanctuary. If you visit the huge Buddha, you should remember that despite the strange news of going into a huge mind, it is still a place of adoration, and your boots should be taken off before you enter the crypt. The lying Buddha is not yet finished after almost 15 years of work. A second Buddha opposite the originals was begun in 2012 with the goal of passing the test of the age.

A badly constructed cement structure of the first one has given the originals an unknown destiny. You will find the entry to the lying Buddha picture about 100 metres southwards of the Hindu-tempple, on Yadana Taung on the lefthand side of Mawlamyine-Mudon-Straße in the direction of Mudon. A motorbike taxicab can be taken from the entry on the Hauptstraße to the Buddha or a 15-20-minute-stay.

His Taw Ya Giant Buddha

His Taw Ya is not just any huge lying Buddha picture, but apparently the biggest free-standing picture in the whole wide universe. This impressive 180 meter high Buddha sculpture is located about 20 kilometers southwards of Mawlamyine in the middle of an extensive ensemble of shrines, sculptures, Stupa and monastery structures. An inverse Buddha is half on the opposite slope - and it is not the only thing half made.

Some of the older parts of the Buddha seem to be already on the way to decay. Much of the bigger locations are made of ferroconcrete and in this environment the cement becomes brittle and ferrous rusting with alarmingly high speed. Inside the Buddha painting, with a stairway that leads to an entry in the cushion, there is an eight-storey monastery and an alleged mantra.

They cross trickling, poorly illuminated passageways, half-built stairs - a great backdrop for a film about the epocalypse - and small sections with colourful, newly coated, life-size dioramas. What a wonderful experience! Democracies, deities and myths exist and we believe that historic shots made of cement and gypsum, in which groups of visitors from sniggering schoolchildren contribute only to general survivors.

Passage go the length of Buddha so worshipers can obtain his feet in Theory, but you can only take so much and the thought of six lazy cement floors above our minds - not to speak of for 100 schools party-elvested our minds back to.... please login to reading the remainder of this tale.

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