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Yangon (Rangoon) Forums - Win Express NOT recommendable

Lying about their bus departures, calculating more than twice or even threefold as a foreigner and not even guaranteeing a place to sit, so that you have to tense up on a small footstool on the ground. When a 9am exit was on sale, it turned out to be almost 11am, and the train stop type almost misunderstood and didn't want to let me on that bus, even though everyone else, foreign included, got on the bus until someone else said to him that it was my bus or I had no clue when I was coming to my final stop.

For this reason, everyone else who climbed up got a place, except me and another native who got off at the next stop. You seem to be the biggest firm operating the Yangon Kyaikto Hpa-an Moulemien line. Usually the foreigners rate is higher than the national. Most of the known buses provide the number of the seats after the purchase of the ticket.

You go in and take the regular bus that waits for a full passenger and leaves the door. Before you make your payments in the near term, please make sure to include the seating number on your tickets. No. I had given a number, there was just someone else in that spot.

And I couldn't get in like I was warned the previous morning. In case you already have a number, you must make a reservation as you have already purchased the number. If you should have asked the individual to move, display the number. In Myanmar it can be over and they often tell folks to be there anhour beforehand, I had to stay about 1.5 hrs, but since I knew it would be more costly, I picked the local.

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