wild magic

pcb-file="mw-headline" id="Plot_introduction">Plot Einf├╝hrung[edit]>> Wildmagic is a phantasy novel by Tamora Pierce, the first in a four-book serie, The Mortals. The book describes the origin of the forces of Veralidaine Sarrasri (aka "Daine") as a savage magician and her arrival in Tortall. Wildmagic plays in the same realm as The Song of the Lioness Fourte.

Readers are acquainted with Veralidaine, a thirteen-year-old female who can talk to cattle. Onua, responsible for the Queen's Rider horse (the group of fighters riding with and for the Queen), is recruited to take a group of new stallions to the city.

On the way Daine and Onua are assaulted by mysterious beings named Eternal, who are mystic beings, among them beasts such as the spider (giant flesh-eating spider with the head of a man ) and the petrel (metallic bird with the face of a man who enjoys the dead). Later, they find out that almost all of them are tormented by Tortall, Scanra, Galla, Tusaine, Maren and Tyra, although they were allegedly imprisoned years ago.

It turned out that the undead who had assaulted them were hunting for a falcon that Daine saved with her forces. Daine makes him man again with the help of Alanna von Trebond, and he turns out to be Numair Salmalin, the most mighty magician in Tortall and one of the few dark magicians in the game.

After arriving in Corus, she resumes as a riding aide, teaches equestrian students like her boyfriends Miri and Evin and learns more about her own forces of Numair's "wild magic", which becomes her schoolteacher. On a trip to Alanna's house, Pirate's Swoop, Daine Onua and Numair tell how she had gone mad after killing her mum and dad. They join a bunch of werewolves to shoot the thugs who murdered her mob.

With the help of Cloud, her bangs, she recovered her humanness and reason after a fierce period with the cubs. Facilitated that her boyfriends still like her after she confessed, and after Numair cast a magic to keep her from losing her marbles, she begins to sharpen her strength and soon starts learning to cure critters.

Finding out that she can also speak to certain eternal men, she succeeds in convincing several raptors not to bother the Pirate's Swoop population. Toward the end of the volume, she rescues Pirate's Swoop from an assault by a group of Brethren and Elves under the command of Carthak, a neighbouring state.

She has also taken over the leadership of a dragon whose dam Flamewing passed away in the fight to rescue Tortall. Daine-don' calls the dragon Skysong the name her mum Flamewing gives her before she die, and educates her as her own. This is Veralidaine Sarrasri (Daine): Birth in Galla, she is endowed with wild magic, a particular kind of force that allows her to interact with and bow to her will.

Both as a swordswoman (her ability with the arch always amazes her friend and enemy) and as a magician she is learning to use Numair Salmalin to learn how to use it. Number Salmalin: Mightiest magician in Tortall and one of the few "black magicians" in the whole wide globe, he was borne in Tyra as "Arram Draper", but altered his name to save himself from Emperor Ozorne, who wanted to do him.

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