Wild Magic Tamora Pierce

Tamora Pierce Wild Magic

Wild Magic is a fantasy novel by Tamora Pierce, the first in a series of four books, The Immortals. When I literally don't remember reading my first Tamora Pierce book. The first in a series of four books, Wild Magic is The Immortals.

Fierce magic

Daine's young skill with a horse makes her help the king's rider to bring a flock of heroes to Tortall. It soon becomes clear that Daine's talents, however much she fights to conceal it, are almost magic. Not only do animals and dressage riders follow, they also hear their words.

Daine will have to know how to rely on people before she can come to grips with her strength, her past and herself.

Fierce Magic (Immortals, #1) by Tamora Pierce

Now, we began as a booking society, and then we also watched films, drank wines, and generally hung out together and geeked about everything to do with sci-fi and phantasy. However, we have a tendency to choose our textbooks by referendum, and Tamora Pierce was one of the writers whose name was often spoken about.

Following several misstarts, but also beat up by other "new & exciting" writers, we eventually cast our vote on Wild Magic as our next team. I' m adding this foreword to my reviews because without the vote in the bookshop I wouldn't know who Tamora Pierce is and certainly never have chosen Wild Magic as something I would do.

I' ve gone blank in this ledger, which was probably a good thing. Because although it shouldn't come as a big shock to anyone who has seen Tamora Pierce, I'm not exactly the intended readership for this novel arc. Meaning I didn't like the script? YA/Teen Fantasy is not something I much enjoy reading, and while everyone in this story can find something they like, it is definitely a teenager girl who will certainly get the most tractive power from Tamora Pierce's work.

Cause there' certainly a few things I could never pick on this one. It is sometimes very contemporary (for a phantasy story), the description is a little....simple, and everything is a little too neat. We' re one heel with Daine, the next with Cloud (her pony), and a few heels later we' re back with Daine.

As a teenager, I know that I used to have a tendency to jump over POV's and I never gave it much thought. However, let me say that, as I point out these things, it really is not a critique of Tamora Pierce's literacy. She' s definitely a storyteller, and she' s certainly a word creator.

It has good boyfriends and supportive grown-up mental advisors to lead and assist it. It' really a neat button, because in the few YA/teen novels I've been reading, grown-ups have a tendency to seem incapable or disabled. Onua, Numair, Alanna, Thayet and all the others give us grown-ups who deal with Daine in different but beneficial ways.

There is the kind of personality I want my daugher to be reading about and emulating when she's old enough to do that. As well as all the mankind' figures, we get a whole series of animals to inhabit the story, which makes perfect sense given the natural beauty of Dain's magic.

Here, I think, the volume is aimed very strongly at the younger women in it. Daine can talk to pets, so we get a good idea of the creature's thoughts. They definitely have the biggest beastly part, with Cloud becoming almost an independent personality, but Tamora Pierce really seems to catch the way these birds "think" and act about all the kinds that are in the game.

The plot is also quite erratic, which makes the story even more pleasurable. In a way we know where Daine is going, but the meetings she has and the happenings here aren't really cabled, so it's a nice little bit of a shock when they do. Unfortunately, the "great evil" of the script is just a faceless force defying the realm in which Daine resides, and they only appear towards the end.

While in an mature orientated textbook that would be a big deal, here it is just an easily-wast. It is the true purpose of this volume to observe the development of a young woman who is on her way into the wide open spaces of the human being. She will learn about her strengths and build relations that will determine her later on.

Magic is, well, that's just it. Magic. We' finding that Wasser Daine's magic is enhanced because.... well....asons. Oh, and she can draw magic to refill herself from other beings, even if they are tired themselves, because....well...why not? Magic's meant to be magic, right? There' s just a little chat and then it's off to the race.

We' re only learning about information about people when another person talks about it. However, when Daine began to explore her power and interact with various new beings, the story was about to roll along and became quite funny. This is because virtually every grown-up person who is able to affect Daine in any way is very kind, enormously important and 100% beneficial to Daine and her weird magic.

I' m not sure you can have a phantasy story without a little jerk in progress. Am I going to be reading the remainder of the immortal show? But, frankly, it's just not my kind of story. However, I will let my daughters do the reading when she gets a little older. Daine would be a great example for her.

amora Pierce will be in her lane. to find a more mature story to clean my mouth.

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