Wild Magic Movie

The Wild Magic Movie

Wild Magic can now be seen on Netflix. Fierce magic (Colombia: Magia Salvaje). THE EMPRESS meets characters from the world of magic.

Fierce magic

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story line

The year 1948, Bogota, Colombia. Documentary first contacts with members of a previously solitary strain named Txapanawa on the banks of the Envira River in the Brazilian town Simpatia. The possession of a columbian by an intercontinental football game between his own nation and Argentina makes him make the most difficult choices of his entirety.

Featuring a beautiful land full of stunning animals in America, known as Colombia, seen like never before, along with unbelievable footage, it is a must for nature and adventure enthusiasts of this nature paradise. Since October 10, 2015, Colombia Magia Salvaje has been the best-selling and most viewed movie in Colombia's movie theatres.

1,654,929 viewers have seen the movie in Colombia.

Wild Magic (2015) - Reviews, Movie

A nice movie showing all the Colombian countryside and biological diversity. Esthetically breathtaking, straightforward, but informatively in sound and, yes, quite magically all around, this is a great example of a wildlife documentation whose contents are so astonishing that nothing needs to be over-dramatized. One of the tragedy awaited and necessary components of all contemporary documentations on the subject of wildlife is the reference to the human destructions of the earth and their never-ending extension and avidity.

It certainly does not spare wild magic, but it is ideally managed; the true drama is presented clearly and brazenly, but together with a promising view of the present and with genuine encouragements and deeds aimed at shifting everyone's way of thinking to that of an ecologically conscious citizens.

It is such a soothing, recreational film that it gives you such a great esteem for Mother Earth and Mother Earth that we are lucky enough to continue living with other greats.

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