Wild Magic Book

Wild Magic Book

The Immortals, Book One. Fierce Magic | Tamora Pierce Wiki On this page you can read about the novel "Wilde Magie". See Wild Magic for the kind of magic. Prefaced by'Wild Magic is the first in a row of four titles, The Immortals. Here's the first in a row.

The book describes the origin of Veralidaine Sarrasri (also known as Daine)'s forces as a wild magician and her arrival in Tortall.

Wild Magic plays in the same realm as The Song of the LionessQuartett. Thirteen year old Daine has always had a hand for pets, but only when she is compelled to go out of the house does she realize that it's more than just a hand - it's magic. Daine can not only talk to Naimes with this wild magic, but she can also get her to obedient.

She is taking a horse dealing career for the Queen's Runners, where she gets to know the magician Numair and becomes his schoolmate. Daine, led by Numair, investigates the extent of her magic. It' up to Daine and her boyfriends to protect their worlds from an eternal war. It introduces the readers to Daine, a thirteen-year-old female who can talk to cattle.

Onua Chamtong, responsible for the Queen's Riders' horse, joins Daine and is recruited to take a group of new Ponys to the capitol city of Tortall, Corus. On their way there, Daine and Onua are under attack from peculiar beings, the Immortal, and later learn that almost all of Tortall is beaten.

Later the falcon proves to be the mighty magician Numair Salmalín. She' s also meeting Alanna, the lioness. After arriving in Corus, she continued as a riding aide, teaches riding apprentices and learns more about her own forces of "wild magic" (here she met Evin Larse, who later appeared in the guardian of the Little Quartet).

Heading to Pirate's Swoop Sommercamp to pursue her education in her wild magic, Daine recounts how Onua and Numair went mad after the killing of her wife and daughter and went with a bunch of wild animals to shoot the outlaws who had murdered her wife and daughter.

Facilitated that her boyfriends still like her, and after Numair, her magic instructor, cast a magic to keep her from losing her wits again, she begins to sharpen her strength and soon starts learning to cure the beasts. Toward the end of the book she rescues pirate Swoop from an assault by Carthak Brethren and Unkillers.

Thereine calls the dragon kitten, her actual name is Skysong.

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