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Join more people to learn more about Wild Mage by sharing this Facebook post! The first glimpse of the airship fight in #WildMage. https://tinyurl.com. The discovery of wild magic has attracted the attention of magicians.

Newest tweets from Wild Mage (@WildMageGame). Fierce magician can gain an advantage from an attack throw, ability test, or economy throw.

The Phantom Dawn of Luna Orion

Join more individuals to find out more about Wild Mage by posting this Facebook message! For ALL funders, all bonuses associated with community objectives are at least the basic match in the bonuses (Early Bird - DD of the Final Game and up). EVERY SKY contains ALL objects in the match that are on the appropriate level of compensation for EVERY activated pod.

This will be deployed together with the dirigible and the customisation AFTER the first single-player basic match releas. Beard is the champion of songs and spells, an attack in rythm on a tune performed by a beard can cause your gun to trigger your present magic now.

Minstrels have the strength to improve the skills of a whole group and weav with other minstrels (e.g. magic weaving) for a multitude of different specials! Hide for ALL Supporters - A Hide is a magic space that can be conjured as a magician anywhere in Etherion.

This room contains cabinets for storing and handicraft station as well as other belongings that the magician wants to have at hand during his quests! Wild Mage - Phantom Twilight is an action-adventure role-playing game that features blimps, swimming isles, next-generation cracks and battles. Monster can be cut dynamic into chunks. Skills and magic can be learned from the monster and Traditionalists.

It is a toy that reinvents the art of music. It was over a year ago that I began making Wild Mage - Phantom Twilight for the easy fact that I wanted to make my dreams of the games I wanted to be. Being a gamers, I always liked the concept of discovering a frozen island paradise with blimps, as in some of the cutscene in Finale Fantasy IX.

Although ARPG is my favourite style, I was not satisfied with the way spells are cast in most of my arcade game over the years. That' s why in Wild Mage, a Tornado cast would really be throwing a monster in the sky, and so would your dirigible if it was in reach! In order to make spellcasting more real and entertaining, the player has full command of the target accuracy.

Wild-mage allows you to combine magic to create different types of effect. Overlay the Tornado magic, for example, with a fireball to create Firenado! Cut your foes into chunks, but switch smoothly from blade to blade. A further characteristic I had long wanted as a player is the energetic destroying of beasts.

Monster are dynamic destroyable in Wild Mage. Artefact swords can cut an enemy into chunks, and how they cut will depend on the location and orientation in which the blade strikes the monster. Surroundings in Wild Mage are devastated by guns, magic or beasts! Swimming isles are made of voxel and can be tunnelled or damaged.

The Dungeon is interlaced in a series of voxels. Biodynamic degradation is a crucial characteristic in Wild Mage, but it is NOT the target and its repercussion. However, if done in a strategic way, it can decelerate the creatures that are after you. There''s no such thing as classic levelling in Wild Mage. They do not win abilities or powers when they finish a game.

Instead, new magic is purchased by taking it from the monster and tradition book. The more adventurous you are, the more strength you have. This all contributes to the playability of the match. Wild Mage will allow gamers to explore the globe, acquire new abilities and learn to control their forces as they adventure their personalities.

It takes place in the gorgeous but perilous Etherion universe of thousand of islands hovering above a thick, violet miasma. 10,000 years ago, a Revenant took vengeance on the earth and used himself to drive a gateway to the lowest abysses of forgetfulness. In those days, the only hopes were to lift the island up into the sky with magical crystal, the so-called floats, to avoid the grip of the all-encompassing miasma.

The years went by and the humans flourished above the cloud, but now the crystal is dwindling and the island is gradually drowning again in the fog. A fierce magician, you are the right arm of the Sky Tower, which extracts adventure, escorts vessels, delivers goods and reclaims missing isles.

Wild Mage dunes take different shapes and sizes. Blimps have an important part in the Etherion universe. You' re a faerie in Wild Mage. You' re only making relicts in wild magicians, objects so mighty that they must be kept in the middle of the isles. Craftsmen are selling tiles for the opportunity to recover these objects, if you pass away the tile will be broken and you will be coerced out of the cages.

Anything in Wild Mage is deserved. The most floors are equipped with exlusive baking articles! You can find a selection of soundtracks by Fabio Amurri for Wild Mage - Phantom Twilight here. founders ahship is a swimming city that can accommodate all other dirigibles in its bay. Autograph handpainted autographs ( "Oil on canvas", 48 "x60", Galerie Wrap) by Rick McCann, leading conceptualist of Wild Mage - Phantom Twilight.

When I was 11 years old, I first started to develop videogames and worked in the US Luftwaffe Teenager Centre in Panama. In the relatively enemy surroundings outside the camp I spend a great deal of my free day to play and modify some of my own gameplay. I' ve been self-financed for over a year and develop Wild Mage full-time, which means that my woman (who likes to stay anonymous) supports my work and the baby with her pay.

She' s a beautiful lady and I would do everything in my powers to give her credit for her charity and faith in me. With a PhD in physical science and years of hands-on expertise in the field of advanced technology products, she advises on games in the areas of strategy and concept. We have a small but fine side and we are optimistic that we can make Wild Mage - Phantom Twilight a true work of art.

With over a year of experience, we have the feeling that all the important technological innovation that makes this one of a kind has already been worked out. In terms of financing, the primary objective is the absolute minimal we need to make the computer side of the Sudoku Steam available for the end of 2019.

Obviously, the more we can increase, the more desired feature we will be able to integrate into the gameplay to make it larger, more rich and more dramatic.

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