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A Business Guide CD Rom and Myanmar Wikipedia CD Rom were created. The Group is pursuing a conglomerate approach with its partner, the SPA Group, to build a diversified portfolio of companies in Myanmar. Myanmar Overview - Wikipedia A magnifiable view of Myanmar. In the following you will find an introduction to Myanmar and a current travel guide: Myanmar, also called Burma, is the largest nation in southeastern Asia[1] The land borders on the People's Republic of China in the NE, Laos in the SE, Thailand in the SE, Bangladesh in the SW and India in the NE, with the Gulf of Bengal in the SW.

Myanmar is one of only 7 U.N. members who is not a member of the Chemical Weapons Ban Organization. Pages beginning with "Myanmar" All pages beginning with "Burmese

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Regularly, military and policy guides are featured in the broadcasts, while Burma's popular entertainments include Myanmar Mosaic featuring cooking, culture and tourist programs by ethnical groups singin' carols of Burma's unity[4]Myanmar Mosaic. In the 2007 protest against the Burma administration, the station criticized the foreign press for "fabricating tales of the incident" and calling it "not satisfied with the Burma nation's peacemaking, stabilization and development".

Be careful of destroyers, BBC and VOA"[10][11] The station covered the protest after a few short workdays. Junta launches new PR offensive. Archives from the orginal on 12.08.2010. "The junta starts international television". "Country Report Myanmar" (PDF). Archives from the orginal (PDF) on 07.11.2012. Junta launches international television station.

May thaw (12-18 March 2007). The Myanmar Times. Archives from the orginal on December 3, 2013. Myanmar is learning to survive with the light off, IOL, April 10, 2007. Burma up-date, The, September 27, 2007. Burma television accuses protests on Western channels, VOA, September 27, 2007.

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Dr Balbir B. Bhasin est le Ross Pendergraft Endowed Professor of International Business an der University of Arkansas-Fort Smith. Mr. H. has a Master of International Management (MIM) from the Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona and a Doctorate in International Business from the University of South Australia in Adelaide.

A multicultural and multi-lingual national, he has worked and worked in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and Africa.

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