Why Visit Thailand

Visit Thailand

What makes Thailand so popular? When you are looking for a foreign, exotic and affordable country, there is no bigger place in Thailand. If you are travelling to the beaches and islands or further inland, find out when you will find the best time to visit Thailand with this guide. A definitive guide and map at the best time to visit Thailand and its main highlights. Isn' the idea of visiting Thailand a frightening one?

10 top 10 good reason to visit Thailand

In Thailand, the US Dollars go a long way. Thailand is also cheap, and often the hawkers, who usually serve meals for what Americans consider spending money, provide the tastiest things. This is even better, because Thailand has some excellent properties and resort, all for significantly less than you would be paying at home.

If you come in December or May, you will be expecting nice temperatures and mostly clear nights. Things are different in Thailand; they are just a little different from those that Americans are used to cooling, being heated and rain. Thailand has some of the best beach in the world: clear, clean waters, breathtaking views and sea creatures that you can admire while swimming, snorkelling or diving.

There are so many different kinds of beach in Thailand, from calm and relaxed to partying all evening, that everyone can find the right outfit. Very few will say that Thai cuisine is not tasty. However, if you have only seen it in Thai restaurant in the United States, you will be surprised.

In Thailand the meals are better, there is more diversity and it is very cheap. You will find favourites such as pad dai and freshly baked curries, but you will also find a large choice of lettuce, pasta and canapés. Believe it or not, with an apology to the American south, Thailand has exquisite roasted chickens.

So if you like market, bargain or funky and quaint things, you will find Thailand a good place to shop. Major cities have everything from footwear to arts, and Bangkok's supermarkets are among the most chic in the whole state. When you are in the UK it is simple and inexpensive to get around, mainly thanks to low-cost carriers such as Nok Air, Air Asia and Bangkok Airways.

When booking in advance and not in high seasons, it is customary to get a round-trip from Bangkok to Phuket at a very reasonable price. Bangkok, the busy, thriving city of Chiang Mai, the quiet and delightful centre of northern Thailand, offers cultural, historical, architectural, good dining and plenty of variety.

Whilst there are sporadic tourism frauds and you meet someone who is not generally happy, the Thai population is kind, open and kind to overseas guests. The Buddhism is Thailand's dominant religious system and affects everything from architectural to the way humans treat each other.

Each of the country's large towns has stunning buddhistic monasteries to visit; Chiang Mai and Bangkok have the lion's share. 2. Be it on the beaches or in one of Thailand's towns, you will not be far from the pubs and night clubs that have made the land known.

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