Why Visit Myanmar

Visit Myanmar?

It is often the highlight of visitor trips to Myanmar as drivers drive from a breathtaking temple to the pagoda in the ancient city of Bagan. Myanmar is rapidly developing into one of the world's most important up-and-coming destinations. U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson deserves recognition for his good work on his first visit to Myanmar.

Burma has only recently opened its borders to tourism after years of political unrest and isolation, making it one of the less visited destinations. The following are my six most important reasons why Bagan, Myanmar should be on your list.

MYANMAR - 5 good reason why it should be your next journey

It means a great deal to the traveller, because the earlier you leave, the more you can gain an insight into the true, authentic and authentic Myanmar. As I was planning my journey to Myanmar, I did not know what to look forward to. During my first strolls in Yangon I didn't even dare to use my ADR-cam.

Usually I used my ADRs on the Yangon roads. And I found really kind, courteous and respectable individuals who never gave me the feeling of being in jeopardy, and I never had the feeling of being mugged. A lot of folks just ignored me, but some of them came to me on a regular basis, asked me what I was doing, asked me if I was a pro and if I liked Myanmar.

Myanmar is not without its miracles when it comes to things to see. Bagan's website spans a large area of the landscape, and you have about 2000 different templates and Stupa to chose from for your sojourn! However, the shortlist does not end with Bagan. Already in the centre of Yangon you cannot miss the magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda, shrouded in a few tonnes of unadulterated golden.

To the east of Yangon, the enchanting Golden Rock of Kyaihktiyo is another unique page. Mandalay (the second biggest town in the country) is again full of lush historic relics and wealth. No wonder, because Mandalay is a former capitol (in the nineteenth century). A must: The Mandalay Palace and the Mandalay Hill!

Obviously, these are just the tip of the iceberg in Myanmar’ interesting places, but they are the highpoints. So if you don't have much meticulous access to Myanmar, you'll probably restrict your visit to this one, but it's a heap!

Myanmar's beautiful Inle Sea is another visitor hot spot - a true wonder of nature! It is one of the most charming landscapes in the whole region and a must. In Myanmar, if the area is primarily a nature reserve, the cultural scene is never far away and one of the lake's main features is its stilted village and astonishing swimming garden.

There is also a great demand for the fishers of Lake Inle. First, her skyline against such a beautiful backdrop is a painting that every viewer wants to go home with secret. Anyway, if you only had to pick 3 things in Myanmar, I'd say Yangon, Bagan and Lake Inle.

Unfortunately, I didn't take a good photo of the meal I found in Myanmar, but I found this great item that can give you an impression of what everything looks like. There' must be much more to say about Myanmar, its peoples, its cultures and its miracles.

However, I trust that this page has given you a good survey of the land and that Myanmar really should be at the top of your itinerary. Twelve and a half day may be a little hasty, but it's feasible to get an idea of Myanmar's major sights. About Myanmar?

Damn! Because it will be one of the most unforgettable journeys of your time!

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