Why Visit Myanmar

Visit Myanmar?

Top 10 Grounds to Come to Myanmar in 2017 Myanmar is definitely a place that should be on the Pinoy travelers agenda. 10 good reason to come to the "Golden Land" in 2017. Next days, you should devote some of your free days to visit other guesthouses or properties and move if necessary. YHAs in hotspots outside the city are usually bundled, so it's best to run around these places, go to your favourite hostel and check prices for a room or dormitory.

Fortunately, however, Burma is a completely visa-free traveler' s paradise for all Filipino people. It is not for nothing that they call Bagan one of the largest archeological places in the word. Situated in the green Mandalay area of Myanmar, Bagan is after all a vast and magnificent 26 square kilometre large square place that can keep up with the size of Machu Picchu and Angkor Wat.

In order to really grasp the expanse of the plains, you must take a hot-air ballooning (only from October to March) above the Temple and hover miraculously over Bagan. However, if you can't come to Bagan during the ballooning period, you can still take in the breathtaking views of the old town with a brief pre-sunrise carriage and a Zvezandaw Paya equestrian, which, Ironically, is called the "Sunset Pagoda".

Search no further than Myanmar! Burma is very religious, with over 80% of the population classed as Buddhists. And, thanks to their powerful buddhistic belief in being fairly to all, the notion of a "tourist price" is relatively uncommon in this state. The rates for a Burmese traditionally cooked dinner are as reasonable as your favourite Philippine fastfood meals, and range from PHP 40 to 150.

For a 30-minute cab journey within a town in this land, it can take about 80 to 100 PHP. A 12 hour long coach trip from Yangon to Bagan is about 400 PHP per passenger. Burma's cuisine is not only inexpensive, but also rich and extremely delicious. The cuisine in this land is made with Thai, Asian, Indian as well as traditional Thai cuisine. This is not astonishing given the geographical area.

They' re even willing to get out of the way just to show you their lovely land. Do you need a good excuse to visit this Myanmar marauding coup? Shwedagon is the biggest and holiest Buddhist pit in the land and stands almost 360ft. The 2,500-year-old silhouette is littered with thousands of gold platters, making it a must for any photo connoisseur.

This captivating place in Yangon, the country's most densely populated town, and the Yangon International Airport, where you are likely to arrive, can be visited. If you enter the Shwedagon Pagoda or one of the country's Pagoda, you must put on your feet and take off our boots out of deference to the place.

Burma is by far an amazingly hilly and rough land. Myanmar has a variety of hills to explore, from the coastal and Himalayan range to the lush Irrawaddy-Valley. Although Myanmar is not known for its shores, the land has a 1,200 mile shoreline that will reassure any owner of the area.

Myanmar's tourist industry has recently experienced a boom, thanks to all its unbelievable offers. The number of tourists in Burma is rising from less than 29,000 in 2009 to 5 million in 2015.

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