Why Visit Burma

Visit Burma

We' re delighted to offer you this unique opportunity to join Karin Hellaby on our first textile holiday in magical Burma (now known as Myanmar). Top 10 reasons to come to Myanmar If you have traveled through Vietnam, Cambodia or Thailand in the past and are looking for another South East Asian adventure, or if you are new to this side of the globe, you just can't enjoy a vacation in the enchanting land of Myanmar. From the stupas and imposing gold buildings to ancient cultures and centuries-old religion, Myanmar is still a relatively unspoilt tourist area.

The mere reference to Myanmar evokes the picture of warm bubbles floating quietly over the foggy tempellands of Bagan - and this is certainly one of our favorite places to come here. Since Myanmar has been isolated from the West for so many years, it has been lucky enough to preserve much of its people.

Talking about the Buddha monks' every day breakfast gathering charity, this is another good occasion to come to Myanmar. Being a predominantly buddhistic people it is intriguing to get to know their customs and convictions and to see the importance of their religions in every day use. While Egypt has its old monasteries and graves and Russia its imposing churches and Kremlin, Myanmar shines with gold buildings and couples, each more imposing than the next.

Myanmar residents like to do things differently and their swimming garden is the ideal example - a garden on the sea instead of on shore, but somehow they do it! Myanmar residents are unbelievably kind, and there's no way you'll ever get out of the nation without at least one unforgettable interact.

The U Bein Bridge is a great place to observe and chat with the natives, and you often see friars taking their sundown. In Myanmar, puppets are the order of the day. Things are starting to move quickly after Myanmar's reunification with the West.

Even if Myanmar is not your first thought for a seaside holiday, it should not be rejected so easy. Sun-hungry people can relax on breathtaking beaches along the coastline, while the coastal tropic island offers a little piece of paradise - like Tafook Island in the Andaman Sea.

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