Why Visit Burma

Visit Burma

Discover its geography before visiting Burma. Top 10 Rationales Why You Must Visit Burma Now Before It's Too Long Myanmar (also known as Myanmar) is rapidly becoming one of the world's most important up-and-coming tourist resorts. You have probably belonged to Burma because Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, one of the world's most eminent prisoner of conscience, served 15 years of detention before her 2010 liberation.

Since Burma has been isolated from the outside world under a dictatorial regime for almost 50 years, it is like returning to ancient Asia, or as Thailand was a few centuries ago. This place seems to be an unspoiled and unspoiled place, which is often very difficult to reach. Myanmar is something unique, but if the tourist industry is growing fast, that will be different.

If you need more conviction, don't fret, because I'll give you 10 good reason why you need to go to Burma now before it's too late. No. One of my best moments in Burma were the kind natives who are crossing the U Leg Bridge every day. It is a little over 1km long, but because of the many local people who stop us for pictures, it took us almost 1.5h.

Despite their long tradition of dictatorial rule, the Myanmar population is so inviting and kind that at the end of the night your cheek is quite literally smiled at. So, if you want to photograph sweet Asiatic kittens, Burma is for you. The most remarkable part of the journey through Burma was the intrigues of the local population with every visitor they encountered.

However, as more and more tourism flocks to Burma, it will become the standard to see a stranger, and this kind, nosy environment will no doubt pale. Burma has long been isolated from the outside world and has not yet understood the whole idea of attracting people. In contrast to many other parts of H.E. Asia, it is just out of a sense of inquisitiveness that people in Burma have a talk.

There were many in Thailand and Vietnam, but they were also in Burma. My idea of Burma is how I envisage the remainder of H.E. Asia a few decade-ear. It has not been watered down by globalisation, making it feel very real, which is very difficult to find in this contemporary and networked age.

Coca Cola was actually one of the few I recognised, and that's what makes Burma special. Now is the best moment to leave if you want to see Burma while it's still genuine. So, go now, before it gets too commercialised and looses its old Asian charms.

You ever been to Burma? And if not, have I emboldened you to visit us?

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